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A New Design for Expense Categories

There’s a section in Harvest that’s looking a little more dapper today. For all you admins out there who track expenses, head to Manage > Expense Categories for a peek at its brand new design.


Besides a more streamlined look (which we hope is also easier to focus on), we updated a few interactions:

  • Adding a unit price (like $1 per mile or $6 per puppy) is now enabled with a checkbox.
  • The Delete button now says Delete (it used to be a trash icon), and you can access it with one click.

What’s the point of this makeover? We’re laying the foundation for more functional improvements! Next up, the ability to archive expense categories, so you can start tidying up those categories you’re no longer using!

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  • in regards to the expenses, can you please, please enable the funcationality that the expense receipts can be exported together with the invoice? So that a complete bundle (invoice including expenses + attached expense receipts) can be sent to a client. The current expense implementation is really useless in that regard, so we have to work along with Expensify

  • Calina Madden on May 12, 2015

    Bjoern: Yes! That’s something we hope to do! Unfortunately, it’s hard for me to offer an exact timeline. But it’s something we’re working toward!

    In the meantime, there’s a workaround that might help. You could export a PDF of your Expense Report (under Reports > Expense). That PDF report includes a summary of your expenses, plus receipts, which you can send along to your client. Not perfect, bit I hope it can help for now!

  • In future, it would great to have functionality that supports expense budgets per project and to be able to set expense thresholds per project/expense.

  • Joshua Leasure on May 13, 2015

    Could really, really use the ability to mark expenses as reimbursable. Many of our expenses are purchased with a company card, but some are not, so we have to sort out which expenses are reimbursable and which are not. Being able to run a report of reimbursable expenses would save us so much trouble.

  • I second Joshua’s request for the ability to mark expenses as reimbursable!

  • I support PK on his comment! We would really like the functionality that supports expense budgets per project and to be able to set expense thresholds per project/expense.

  • Calina Madden on May 15, 2015

    PK, Anders: Thanks for your ideas on that unique expense budget! We’ll keep it in mind for our improvements.

    Joshua, Becky: Marking expenses as reimbursable is on our minds as well. It’s a bit tricky for us to implement, but we’ve been thinking on it!

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