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Export your Forecast Schedule (Beta)

Today we’re introducing a new feature to Forecast: you can now export your schedule to a CSV file! This is super useful if you want to work with your Forecast data in other applications, such as Google Sheets or Excel. We’re still fine tuning things, but we wanted to get this out to you today in its Beta form so you can give it a try.

To try this out, just head over to the new Export section from the navigation menu. Once there, it’s as simple as choosing the weeks you’d like to export, and choosing the format of your export:

  • Projects Schedule View will list your projects, with a separate line for each person’s assigned hours for each week.
  • Team Schedule View will list each person on your team and a rollup of their assigned hours for each week.


As you can see, exports are a fast way to get weekly summaries of your Forecast schedule. We hope these exports allow you the freedom to do more with your data!

If you have any questions or feedback, don’t hesitate to reach out to the team at

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  • Guys love it!

    Question – will Forecast ever be updated to show time within the day for scheduling, rather than just a day block? i.e. 8am, 9am, 10am… so teams and projects can be scheduled within the hours of the day as well.

    Really want to use this app, but feel it is missing the hours in the day component; or if it is already included, maybe I am missing it?

  • Perfect! The projects view is exactly what we have been waiting for to make this a viable tool for our company. Now if we could just pick the increments of time by which to day, by week, by month, etc.

  • Aaron – Glad to hear you’re liking exports. We have no plans at this time to show smaller zoom levels than a single day block. Our current plan is to keep Forecast as a high-level planning tool for teams.

    Becky – We are investigating the possibility of booking by week, but have no announcements on that feature as of now. It is on our radar, thanks for letting us know you’d like to see it!

  • Hi Forecast team,

    Any plans to make this even higher level and allow for entering hours on a per week or per month basis? We often plan around weekly or monthly allocations without much more visibility (or any need for it) into how those hours split over days. Any chance we are going to get something like that any time soon?


  • +1 for Becky and Nathan’s requirements to schedule per week or month, not just per day

    How about an API for Forecast ?

  • Nathan – We are investigating the possibility of entering hours on a per week basis, but have no announcements on that feature as of now. It is on our radar, thanks for letting us know you’d like to see it!

    Rupert – We are considering an API for Forecast, but have no plans to announce at this time. In the meantime, these Exports should get you all the data you’d need out of Forecast for any reports you’d need to run. If there’s any Schedule data you’d rather see in the exports, let us know at

  • Thanks for adding this! I’d really love to see financial budget numbers pulled from Harvest included in this as well. Some projects are fixed fee instead of hourly and it would be great to see the monetary forecast of scheduled work in addition to the resource consumption of hours.

  • Simon Bach Bjerring on May 18, 2015

    Hello Harvest team!

    Thanks for adding this long-waited feature, we have a few comments for improvements in the future since it’s still beta :)
    Export by single days — we use remaining month and whole months in our system, so the weekly overview is working against our system

    Let us classify certain lobals ourselves — if we just want to count allocated days, let us uncheck labels as counting towards “allocated”. We have “potential” and “holiday” labels, if we just want to count unallocated we do not use these, unchecking when exporting would be a cool feature.

    I look forward to seeing future improvements in this very useful feature!

  • Michael, Simon – Thanks for letting us know what you’d like to see in Forecast! We have a lot of plans for the future and we’re excited to have you around as we continue to iterate and improve.

  • This is great! Thanks! It really was a pain to try to print out web pages. The Team schedule view is a bit useless since it has no details. I had to export the project view and sort by person, but it works fine that way. It would be nice to have more options to get the data exported by day or month, but this is a wonderful start.

  • Thanks for getting this out. It will definitely eliminate a significant barrier to executive adoption.

    I would be great if we had the option to export this as a pivot ready data source. Done that way we can add weeknum and other formulas or connect them to other data sources using vlookup.

  • Keith Patton on May 20, 2015

    We are currently evaluating both Harvest and Forecast for our team. We are so please d to have found such an easy to use tool, and it almost does everything we need. the key problem for us is that when you are doing resource planning you need to add projects that “might” come off, the what if scenarios. Now, i can add a project label to cover these in forecast, but i have no way to exclude a particular project label such that i can see the actual and potential scenario. without this Forecast has reduced capability. It would be great to be able to have ways to include one or more labels/tags on the projects and team views, rather than just being able to view by one at a time.

  • Hey Matt, Thanks for adding Exporting!

    We were just about to start scraping (ouch!) to get our data. If I could request one more thing, would be a way for a robot to request the export file directly. e.g and you responded with the CSV. This would allow us to do deeper integration without someone needing to manually download and upload the exported file every day.


  • charise on May 20, 2015

    Now make an import function!!! :)

  • Hey guys!
    Great job on the exports! Any chance you could add the same “export to google drive” that you do in Harvest?
    I really like the synergies between Harvest and Forecast, looking forward to seeing them develop further!

  • Linda, Mark, Keith – Thanks for letting us know what options you’d like to see in a future Exports feature. We are keeping all idea on the table as we start with this simple export to CSV.

    Tom – We are considering a Forecast API for some point in the future, but have no plans to announce on that front as of yet.

    Alexander – We don’t currently have any plans to include an Export to Google Drive. We are keeping things simple for now and just having export to CSV.

  • We reailly miss the possibility to see more than a couple of week into the future. For example 3-6 months at a time to be able to do long term planning and get an overview.

  • Any news on allowing time input per week or month?


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