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Harvest for Zendesk: Refreshed!

Zendesk, the lovable help desk solution, launched its very first integration with Harvest way back in 2008. As most of us know, firstborns get showered with love in their early days. And then the second (perhaps third, fourth) child comes around, and the firstborn might start to feel a little less in the spotlight. Over the years, there have been bouts of attention given to the Harvest for Zendesk integration, but certainly not enough. We decided it was high time to show Zendesk’s firstborn integration some well-deserved love!

We’ve taken ownership of the Harvest for Zendesk Lotus integration and have rewritten it to work off of our Harvest Platform. With this refreshed version of the integration, you’ll notice:

  • Less clicks. Whether it’s entering time via duration, starting your next timer, or tabbing through the fields without a mouse, it’ll be much quicker to log your time.
  • Auto-populated notes. The Harvest notes field will auto-populate with the Zendesk ticket ID and ticket title.
  • Projects and Tasks are remembered. You won’t have to reselect the Harvest Project and Task when you open a ticket you already tracked time to. For a ticket you haven’t tracked time to, the Harvest Project and Task selected on the most recent ticket you tracked time to will be defaulted. We realize you might have other ideas for how the Project and Task should be defaulted, so by all means, please share them!

Zendesk Anywhere Widget

These changes make it a bit smoother to track time with the Harvest for Zendesk integration. If you have any other ideas how we can make it better, please let us know!

If you’re not using the Harvest for Zendesk integration, you can install it from your Zendesk account here.

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  • I always have a zendesk tab and harvest tab open… ever since this update, I can’t stay logged into both… if Im signed into the zendesk app, and then open up a harvest tab in the same browser, then open a new ticket with the app in the sidebar, I have to re-sign in. Hopefully this is a bug…



    • Katie Rose on May 27, 2015

      @Chris Sorry for the trouble! If you could write us at and include a screenshot of what you mean by opening a new ticket in the sidebar, which prompts you to re-sign into Harvest, then we can look into this further for you. Thanks!

  • The widget appears with javascript errors since the last update and is not shown.
    (Spanish Language)

    • Katie Rose on June 8, 2015

      @Yeray Sorry for the trouble! The Zendesk team is looking into this Javascript issue. We’ll let you know when we receive an update on the status of this.

    • Katie Rose on June 15, 2015

      @Yeray The Zendesk team pushed an update that resolved this Javascript issue. If you have any more trouble, just write us at Thanks!

  • It would be nice if the ZENDESK ORGANIZATOIN could match with a HARVEST CLIENT/PROJECT instead of just defaulting to some random one. We have hundreds of CLIENTS/PROJECTS in Harvest so finding the right one takes time and leads to mistakes when billing time??

    • Katie Rose on June 8, 2015

      @EPG Thanks for this feedback! We may make how the Harvest project gets populated smarter down the road so it’s helpful to learn that you’d want it to get populated based on the Zendesk organization.

  • I second EPG, I came here to post something similar. I was going to suggest – and maybe the refreshed integration is already doing this – but that if time on a ticket from a submitter gets logged to a certain client/project in Harvest, that association is remembered.

    EPG’s proposed feature would also be a way of accomplishing the same thing, and maybe a more elegant solution. We always log time from each organization to the same client in Harvest, but often times make a mistake when logging time. We ate over $500 in time last month due to an invoice being sent, because someone had accidentally logged it to the wrong client.

  • Thanks also for working on bettering the integration, it’s a core tool in our business currently!

    • Katie Rose on June 24, 2015

      @Barton Thanks for the kind words! Right now, when you track time to a ticket, the Harvest project and task is remembered so that the next time you track time to that same ticket, you don’t have to reselect them.

      Unfortunately, the project is not remembered for the organization in Zendesk as a whole. You mentioned that you always log time for each organization to the same in client in Harvest. Does the time logged to each organization also go to the same project for that client in Harvest? We may add some logic around this down the road, so I’m curious to hear your thoughts. Thanks!

  • Katie – Yes, time logged always goes to the same project for the client. All our clients only have one project – usually just the name of the client again, so it feels redundant.

    That’s one area of Harvest I’ve always struggled with. We’re an IT service provider providing ongoing monthly support plans to our clients. We break our fees out by task (onsite support, remote support, web development, et cetera), but have never found a real use for the ‘project’ feature. I did use it for the first time with a recent fixed-bid web development project where it was useful to see how many hours I had eaten up from my bid, but other than that…

    I often wonder if we’re using Harvest incorrectly, or just the majority of our business needs don’t require projects?

    • Katie Rose on June 25, 2015

      @Barton Thanks for this additional color! As far as breaking out fees by task, we did just recently add the ability to budget by task fees: This was in preparation to provide better support for fixed-fee projects. You’re also able to set an Invoice Method of fees per task.

      If you write us in at and let us know a little more about how you bill your clients, I’m sure we can help recommend the best way to set these up in Harvest.

  • Thanks for all the engagement. I think we’re probably set up ok enough for how we’re billing – but having some sort of ‘memory’ re: ticket submitters / zendesk organizations and harvest clients would be great!

    Have a nice rest of your week,

  • There don’t seem to be any configuration options after installing.

    The settings only allow me to name the app install and decide whether to restrict by role. There is no way to actually tie it to our Harvest account.

    I’ve tried to install while logged in on the same browser (Chrome 45) and while logged out.

    • @Andrew Sorry for the trouble! If you install the Harvest app via Zendesk, and are logged into your Harvest account in the same browser, you should automatically be logged into your Harvest for Zendesk widget. If you don’t see the widget on the right side of your Zendesk tickets, please write us at and we’ll look into what could be going on here!

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