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Four Ways To Work Faster in Forecast

Harvest Forecast was created with three founding principles: be visual, be frictionless, and be central to you and your team. Today, we’re proud to announce major updates which make Forecast even more frictionless to use. We know the continuous sculpting, shaping, and hammering of your team’s schedule is no small task, and now you have a few more tools to help you get the job done faster.

Here are four big power-ups to know about:

Recurring assignments? Repeat them with ease.

You need Jason assigned to a project for 4 hours on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for the next 5 weeks? What used to be a tedious series of steps is now one simple process: just specify how many weeks you need an assignment to repeat when you create it, and Forecast will do the rest. Easy and effortless.

repeat assignments

Project delayed? Shift everything forward.

You’ve just finished a meticulous project plan when you receive news from your client: the project is delayed by 2 weeks. This used to mean lots of manual clicking and dragging to shift things around, but with the new Shift Timeline feature, it’s now one simple action. Fast and graceful. You’ll find this option in the Actions menu for a project.

shift project timeline

Multiple people working on the same project? Copy assignments.

You know Jack, Joe, and Jason are going to be assigned to the same upcoming project for the same amount of time. Rather than manually creating three assignments, it’s a breeze to copy assignments to other team members. You’ll find this option in the Actions menu for an assignment.

copy assignments

Need to switch things up? Reassign assignments.

You’ve scheduled Joe to a certain project, but something’s come up and you need Jason to work those hours. You can now easily reassign an assignment from one person to another. You’ll find this option in the Actions menu for an assignment.

reassign assignments

These updates are just part of our continuous focus on making Forecast the easiest way to schedule your team. The less work required to update your schedule, the more accurate your schedule is, and the more useful Forecast is to you and your team.

We hope you enjoy these new features! Let us know what you think in the comments below or email us.

Happy schedulin’.

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  • great job! love the repeating feature :)

  • Lot’s useful new features. Great job team :)
    Can I request a new feature?
    On Team view, there is the option to ‘Expand All’ and ‘Collapse All’. However, could you build a 2 stage ‘Expand All’.
    Stage 1 just showing the list of jobs the individuals are working on from this week onwards.
    Stage 2, showing ALL jobs they are assigned to (limited to jobs that aren’t archived).
    The result will be a view that keeps all job lines in view (and in mind).

  • YES YES YES! You guys have no idea the excitement in the studio when this came through. It was better than Christmas morning!!! Thanks for the updates, we really value Forecast and how it enables our team to plan better than we ever could before!
    – Jess / 24 Digital

  • Nice – keep em coming.

  • Sweet updates! Especially the recurring assignments repeating feature!

  • Nice — shift timelines is especially helpful. We’re really looking forward to the day when we might be able to make more granular assignments than an hour! Any idea if/when we might see that?

    Steph @ All Boats Rise

  • Really pleased you finally have repeating tasks!!

    How about Google Calendar integration??

  • Malcolm Kay on August 10, 2015

    Great work. Still waiting on ability of schedule to be viewed as a monthly view like a monthly calendar function.

  • Good developments so far, liking the free trial.

    The real deal breaker for our company is the current limitation of assignments to multiples of 1hr. We use a 7.5hr work day as standard, so every day we’re out by 30mins for every person on a project. Added up over the course of a project, that’s potentially a vast sum of money that Forecast is recording incorrectly.

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