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The Harvest Widget: A new way to add time tracking to your app

For the last several years, we’ve been working on providing a time tracking feature any developer can add to their app with just a few lines of code. Our goal is simple: let developers focus on the core of their products, and let Harvest handle the nuances of time tracking. This approach has been a win-win for partners like Asana and Flow, who seamlessly integrated a time tracking feature into their apps with the Harvest Button (formerly called the Harvest Platform).

Today, we’re announcing a new way for developers to add time tracking to apps – the Harvest Widget. It’s just as easy to implement as the Button, but it allows for a different user experience. Rather than having to click the Button to open up the Harvest window to track time, that modal window will just live right inside the interface of your app.

Issue management and help desk apps are great candidates for the Widget – they typically have the space on the interface to fit it. Not to mention that starting a timer in the least amount of clicks as possible is key when handling customer issues or tickets. In fact, we recently rebuilt our JIRA and Zendesk integrations to run off of the Harvest Widget:

JIRA Widget for Platform page

Harvest for Zendesk Widget - Marketplace

Now, the Harvest Widget is publicly available for anyone to add to other apps. Point your developers, or product teams at other apps you use, to our new Button & Widget page. We’re here to answer any questions you have!

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  • Hi Harvest Team,

    The widget is great, however for our particular requirements we find its possible application limited as you cannot specify a date on the widget – time tracked always goes to today’s date.

    Our engagements are a few months in length, and we typically capture our time on a weekly basis, so this doesn’t work for us. We use Trello, and would love to use this widget in Trello, but can’t because of this.


  • Katie Rose on July 13, 2015

    @Kevin Thanks for passing along this feedback! I can see how being able to edit and/or set the date when tracking time via the Harvest Widget could be useful. Unfortunately, we don’t have near-term plans to add this functionality but I’ve made note of this as something for us to look into down the road!

  • I am trying to setup the widget per your instructions here

    but i get the following:

    This application didn’t provide enough information for Harvest to associate this timer with an item on the page.

    any clues?

    here is my setup

    • Katie Rose on February 9, 2016

      @Petros. You’ll want to make sure that you included the external_item_id parameter since it’s required. If that doesn’t work, drop us a line here so we can help you out: Thanks!

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