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A New Invoices Overview Is Headed Your Way


Some invoice improvements are coming your way! Over the next few weeks, we’ll be releasing a new Invoices Overview.

What’s that mean? Soon, when you head to Invoices > Overview, you’ll see a new design, as well as a few new handy features. Other sections in the Invoices tab—like Report, Recurring, and Retainers—will stay the same. And never fear: all of your existing data will remain safe and sound.

Why the change? Simply put, Invoices Overview was old. We wanted its design to match newer parts of Harvest, like Projects. And more importantly, we needed to clean up this section so we could improve existing features as well as add new ones.

Speaking of new features, we’re adding search! When we release the new Overview, you’ll be able to search by invoice ID, so you can track down any invoice in seconds. Check it out:


You should see these updates in your account soon! We’ll also have another blog post closer to release to introduce you to all the sparkly new features. And in the meantime, if you have any questions or feedback, just let us know in the comments or send us a note!

Update: We’ve gotten a lot of comments requesting ways to find invoices by client, and we wanted to let you know that feature is already included in this update! You’ll find filtering by client under a new All Invoices tab when the new Overview is released.

Update, August 31, 2015: The new Invoices Overview that this blog post announced is now live! You can see more here.

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  • Chris Chiera on August 19, 2015

    As I’ve been asking for “Search” for invoices I so excited to see it’s finally coming! However, when you say you can search by id, I’m assuming that is simply an example and it will be full search, that is you can enter in a title of an invoice or description from the invoice and it will show up correct? As simply searching by ID wouldn’t be much more helpful than simply doing cmd+f in the browser.

    Also glad the dated design is getting an updated flat design look. However in the screenshot looks like the green button still the old gradient look. Will that be updated to the modern flat design too?

  • Calina Madden on August 19, 2015

    Thanks for the good questions, Chris! For the time being, search will just be by ID. We’re open to suggestions, though, so I’ll be sure to make note of your idea to search in other ways.

    When you mention title, are you referring to the invoice subject? And by description, do you mean a specific line item’s description?

    I’ll make note of your suggestion for the gradient, as well!

  • Aritra Banerjee on August 19, 2015

    I agree with Chris. We do need the search functionality to be dynamic so that is able to search by invoice id, name or by company for which the invoice was created.
    It will be really helpful if you would please incorporate this feature in the current launch.

    Thank you!

  • Filtering or searching by client within the invoices section would also be handy. I won’t mention credit notes….

  • Calina Madden on August 19, 2015

    Aritra, Mark, we have something in the works to help you find clients easily! More on that coming soon. ;)

  • I really would love a way to generate automatically invoices at the end of each month.

    It takes me about 30 minutes to send them all.

  • Additionally, a way to merge invoices as sometimes a client will have a few past due invoices, and to have them pay each one separately is both confusing to them and hard for me.


    Credit where credit’s due….I’ve been waiting for search by invoice id for a long time now! Good work Harvest.

  • Harvest User on August 19, 2015

    Lipstick on a pig? Everything looks the same, with the exception of different status bubbles and a small change to the issue date column. Search by invoice ID? It needs to search everything!

    This seems barely worth an announcement.

  • The due in X days is great, but can we also have the actual Due Date as a column next to that, before Issue Date?

  • I’m with Mendel, I’d love to improve on the generation of invoices. The uninvoiced report is great but you have to go through it one at a time. I’d love to be able to mark several to invoice, and have it generate each one in draft mode to review, edit if needed and send.

    A second suggestion would be default billing settings by project or by client. Every invoice I have to check the type of billing and uncheck the columns I don’t want, when it’s the same for that client or project every time… gets repetitive after a while.

  • Need to have a function that selects more than one invoice at a time to mark as “paid”. So many get paid all at once that I have to go into each one of them and select the drop down menu.

  • It would be awesome if we could choose a PDF file to append to all invoices. This would be very useful to append the sales terms. Now we have to add those as a link, problem is that this is legally non-valid.

  • That sounds good.

    I would also like to see recurring payments, automatic late fees added to invoices and partial payments to invoices features added.

    Thank you.

  • From a seasoned UI/UX designer to your own design staff:

    1) Please put a “$ billed” and “$ paid” column in the design; it is useful to eyeball what invoices are overdue by how much, without going into the invoice detail screen

    2) The due-date column is much more interesting than the issue-date column in the overview. please consider adding/changing.

    3) please allow column sorting in these tables

  • Calina Madden on August 19, 2015

    Mendel, we have a recurring invoice feature that might help if you’re creating invoices from scratch. If you’re invoicing for tracked time, though, it wouldn’t work. No plans at the moment to merge invoices, but I’ll make note of your feedback on both these points.

    Thanks for the love, Barry!

    Harvest User, what you see in the screenshot isn’t all that’s coming! Stay tuned, we’ve got more up our sleeve—part of the reason for these updates is to set the foundation for other kinds of improvements. For now, though, search will just be by ID, but like I mentioned, we’re open to your suggestions!

    Olivia, no plans for a Due Date column yet, but I’ll be sure to pass this idea to the team.

    Jen, Pam, thanks for the ideas! This update is just for the Overview and doesn’t touch on invoice editing, but I’ll be sure to record your suggestion for editing a lot invoices at once, and for those client/project settings!

    Jasper, attaching files to invoices is something we’ve been thinking on! Nothing yet, but we’ve got it in mind.

  • Lipstick on a pig, for sure.

    Need to have carry over balances. Confuses the hell out of clients who have a carry over balance when I send them a new invoice for the same project that doesn’t show previous month’s charges that were not paid. I get too busy sometimes to remember send them both Invoices. Software is supposed to solve these problems for me. Too confusing. I have been asking for this for what, 5 years now?

  • I’m very excited to hear the a new invoices experience is on the way. The timing is perfect because we were just about to start evaluating potential new invoicing tools that align with the recent growth of our agency.

    I have a few questions…
    1. When will the new version be rolled out? Is it possible to participate in a beta now?

    2. Will there be improvements to recurring invoices? All of our clients are billed the same amount of money every 2 week and it’d be ideal to be able to select a start and end date for automatic delivery of invoices.

    3. Will there be any improvements or new features around creating share links to the client portal?

    4. Will there be the ability to assign credit card transaction fees to the client?


  • Just searching by invoice ID is pretty useless – I’m never going to remember an invoice ID when I need to search for it (who does this? who remembers a random invoice number from five months ago?) — I need a search feature to be able to search for a client name, or a key phrase or word, i.e., “Nike” or “Incorporation Package” or “Kristi Smith” – something that would actually be helpful.

  • DESPERATELY need search for invoice content like project notes etc. I jumped up with excitement when I saw the search added feature and then read closer and see it is not really going to help at all.

    I have been requesting this for a long time. Please add me to the request list!


  • I also got excited when I read about the new search feature, and then quickly deflated when I realized it won’t include the most useful search feature. With all the great features Harvest offers, this missing one has always frustrated me. I don’t print my invoices, so I wouldn’t know what the ID is. I’d like to do a search on a client for the word “hosting” or some other service I offer. Right now, I have to export all invoices, upload them to Google Drive, and then use their search feature to accomplish this. It’s really a pain to manage it this way.


    I would LOVE to see a “late fee” feature that would automatically add a specified amount as a late fee to invoices that have not been paid by the set due date.

    Another feature that would be helpful is an optional “partial payment” feature that would let me set an invoice to allow a partial payment from the customer. For me, it would be best if this could be set on a “per invoice” manner. (not a “blanket” setting)

    The ability to merge invoices would be great. If a client has more than one open invoice, it just makes sense to be able to merge them into one invoice – much less confusing for the client when they go to pay their bills.

    Thanks for all you do!!

  • Matt Bertram on August 19, 2015

    Ideally, you could also create another column under the “Invoices Overview” view that would be for whether the invoice has been viewed or not by the client. This could be as simple as a little orange eye icon that you use in the “Invoice History”. That would give us a very quick overview if the client has viewed the invoice from the “Invoices Overview” page or not and know if we need to reach out to someone. I also think it would benefit most of your Harvest users.

  • I’m hoping to see in this release the ability to attach receipts to invoices – especially Expense invoices – and check buttons to be able to batch send invoices.

    I’ve never had an issue with searching in the current format: Cntl+F returns the details I need or a quick report to excel suffices but i’m looking forward to this new module.

  • Is there going to be a scheduler/timer for delayed sending?

  • I would like invoices to indicate carryover balances with payment history. Otherwise, we have to resend old invoices with the new one, which is confusing to clients. And if a client has made a partial payment, it becomes a nightmare for all concerned to try to determine the current balance. Because of these problems, our staff must recreate harvest invoices on word processing software to bring some sanity to the billing process. Really frustrating!

  • As stated in previous comments, carry over balances are an absolute necessity. Almost all other invoicing software offers this feature and it is very confusing for clients. It would also make invoicing easier, so you don’t need to send a client reminders for every outstanding invoice – the balance would be reflected on their new invoice. For naughty clients (that haven’t paid their invoices), they sometimes receive 4-5 emails from me on billing day. That is annoying and difficult to manage for everyone involved.

  • This is perfect!

    Searching for invoices can be stressful! Great feature.

    Nice Work.

  • It’d be really great to incorporate some note-keeping mechanism in the near future.

  • Thank you for sharing the new feature! Looking forward to it.
    It would be very helpful to have a Invoice Report sorting by the “subject” as well.

  • Throw me in the “lipstick on a pig” camp. Much like with Projects, and Forecast, the functionality is so limited, and so slow to release, and leaves room for regular announcements that most other SAAS companies wouldn’t bother with.

    This is why I’m constantly about to switch out to Freshbooks (or someone else). As soon as I have a quiet period of work, it’ll probably be worth it, as I’m losing faith that Harvest’s culture is one that lets it really push things on innovation or even just buildout.

    I sound like a YouTube commenter. Yikes.

  • I agree with the critics.

    You appear to be self indulging in cosmetics for quite a while now, one has to admire the resources you pour into this while neglecting a more important evolution.

    I am bothering you for over two years now to include important customization and translations into the invoince form relevant for all jurisdictions and tax constraints. It is about time you shift from a design-centric to a customer-centric approach and LISTEN to your customers once in a while.

    – Tax-ID field sender and receiver + translation
    – translation for due-date selector
    – add a field for “payment goal” to project setup
    – make recipient selectable in case of multiple contacts to same Company (e.g.court/judges)
    – attached receipts should be included automatically when generating invoices
    and linked to the invoice as in detailed expense report
    – add %project_name% and %project_code% to message templates and subject line

  • Looks like this turned into an invoicing wish list! I’d like to see options in the invoice report (name, date range, etc). Also multiple contacts for sending invoices would be helpful, now I can only choose one. And I’d like to create statements.

  • In favor of most suggestions here (especially generating multiple invoices — it takes me HOURS to do my mid-month billing.) But I’ll just add a very simple request:

    Please put the New Invoice button ON EVERY PAGE (including the View Invoice page.) If I must make each one individually, at least save me a click and let me start generating the next one from the previous one’s view page.


  • It would be great if you could add a feature that shows that the invoice email was received and opened by the recipient. Freshbooks used to do that, so it was helpful to know when our invoices were received.

  • I don’t think the new search function will be any use at all to me! Usually the reason I’m searching for the invoice in the first place is to get the ID so without that it’s useless. I’d find searching by Client ID MUCH more helpful!

  • I have been waiting for the ability to filter by client for a lonnggg time.

  • Searching by ID isn’t all that helpful, specially if they are sequential.

  • Really need a fixed fee option that have been advised is coming for ages now.
    Wasting so much time forcing fixes to deal with what must be a very common situation

  • I would really like a way to create a statement each month for each of my clients. I invoice on the 1st, and would like to be able to send a statement showing their outstanding and paid invoices – as a “gentle” reminder that maybe they are late on one. I had to create a report and then print a pdf, which was of the webpage. It worked, but was not very professional – but quicker than exporting to excel and creating a template. Harvest should have a statement template similar to the invoice template. Thanks!

  • +1 on Generate invoices automatically and/or selecting multiple invoices to send at once.

  • This looks really great, awesome improvement to something I use to run my business.

    It sure would be great if you guys could incorporate a Day based pricing model also, frequently on our time and materials projects we invoice our customers on a Day rate per employee instead of an hourly rate. I’d be happy to discuss the scenario with someone if they think it’s a useful feature.

  • I agree, search is a welcome improvement, but it would be much more useful if we could search by company or name. It would also be nice if we could sort the lists in invoices and all the sections by name/company name.

  • This is great! This is a great time saving feature……


  • A few days ago I participated in a survey of yours and i made a suggestion in regards to invoicing that when it is posted to Xero, that it have the ability to send it as a draft (as other addons i have used do) so that i am able to use the Xero ability to go through the approval stage. As your software sends it as an approved invoice which sort of defeats the function in Xero.
    Will this be part of the new invoicing feature you are doing or has that suggestion been ignored as i have had no reply from the survey even though i requested contact on the survey when it was done?

  • When are you going to separate security between invoices and estimates? So that our staff can create estimates but not fiddle with invoices?

  • Yeah another vote for filtering invoices by client!

  • Very good. I notice that Estimates are missing from your screenshot – what’s going on there?

    How about the ability to add optional items to an estimate that a client can choose to select the line item, then mark the estimate as approved? Currently we need to add separate items, then edit the invoice after a conversation with the client, resend it and await approval.

  • Nice tweak, but seriously, an invoice list w/o a Date Due (or an alternative view with that perspective)? It seems you guys have lost the plot as it were. It is this: once I send an invoice the #1 thing I’m thinking about is prompt payment. Period, full stop.

  • Maarten Mandemaker on August 20, 2015

    We’ve been asking for search within invoices for years! So thanks for implementing it!

    But really, only searching on ID’s? We never, ever(!) search for an ID, which is perfectly accessible the way it is now. We really need to be able to just search for an line written on the invoice… otherwise it’s useless.

  • Is there by any chance a full roadmap available of Harvest features? Made some valid suggestions over the past years, and was wondering if they are being worked on / thought about :)

  • I really would like to get the “third tax” option. In Italy really need it!

  • Any improvement is a way forward but agree with and earlier comment that a dynamic search function over and above Inv ID would be more relevant.

    Does the new function give us the ability to show all invoices for a client, again this would be a big help.

  • It would be useful to us to be able to export individual invoices into Excel. Some of our invoices have multiple lines and go onto more than one page, and for validation purposes (and others) it would be good to be able to sort in Excel.

  • Invoice ID search is actually very useful for
    * finding invoices when clients call or mail about an invoice (they reffer to the ID)
    * finding invoices when recording payments (payments is always marked with invoice ID here in Norway)

    That said, I would also like to be able to search for client, client ID, subject and description as other people mention.

    +1 for the ability to record payments for several invoices without having to go into each and every one of them. A quick way to enter amount and date in addition to the ID search would be great.

  • Searching or filtering by clients please!

  • Lori Slayton on August 20, 2015

    I totally agree with the comments that say that a search by ID number won’t help much. I usually search by customer, by creating a report for that client. Search should include customer as well. Invoice numbers aren’t that helpful.

  • nadia camilleri on August 20, 2015

    Unrelated to the invoices tab, it would be helpful if we could search for projects by project name rather than titles on the timesheets tab pls

  • Totally agree with Pam, to be able to select a batch of invoices to mark as paid would be awesome!

  • Nice to see an update here! Could you please integrate invoices without invoice-numbers for the cases where you want to create an invoice to send later without messing up the sequence of your other invoices?

    Also, it would be great to see some graphs in Harvest. Invoiced amounts by month, maybe in a bar chart (with netto + tax). Thanks!

  • Agree with many critics, above – searching by ID not that helpful when invoices are generally numbered sequentially, and perfectly visible as-is on the existing interface. Searching by PO or task notes is more useful. Why make a big deal about adding a feature that lets you search for something that you can already see on the dashboard??

    Why aren’t you looking at what would save *us* time? We’re **your** clients, Harvest – you should be listening to us, and supporting *us* in being profitable. We shouldn’t be supporting *you* in fiddling with code, for the sake of it.

    Things that would save us time:
    – Batch generating invoices at the end of the month
    – Quick button to mark invoices as paid, without opening them
    – Automatically attaching receipts reports should be included automatically when generating invoices
    – Project budgets that can be split between a fixed labour fee and a fixed expenses fee.

  • I appreciate the ability to search by Invoice ID. It’s helpful for dealing with questions and payments and checking things against QuickBooks.

    That said, I’d second votes and like the ability to:

    – select “semi-monthly” from the date range drop down box when creating an invoice (I can already view hours and uninvoiced amounts by this range, I want to create invoices on it too!)
    – select invoice settings by project or client (e.g. semi-monthly)
    – auto create invoices as drafts on a set schedule
    – due date visible in overview (issue date is irrelevant if clients are on different payment terms)
    – late fees or %
    – balance forward
    – mark multiple invoices as paid at the same time, preferably with different dates (grid view) so QuickBooks will match the deposits
    – add the same contact to multiple clients (when I subcontract, the client is the project’s owner/end user, but the invoice goes to someone else)

  • It would be helpfull to send invoices in bulk. So we don’t have to open an invoice again to send it.

  • Harvest is awesome!!! Below are some needed features in my opinion.


    1. Ability to create a master list of services/products which can be easily selected in invoices (for consistency/process/procedure) such as “Deposit”, “Domain setup”, “Hosting setup”, “Logo design”, “Website design”, “Live testing”, etc.

    2. My clients do not like Timesheets (billable by the hour or even per day esp in this economy), I’m a customer of the world myself and agree that a fixed budget price works for us, so the ability to customize my harvest view would be great…remove/hide Timesheets from the menu & projects page

    In all businesses we need to be able to see Project name, Client, start date, due date, Price, priority level and have some sort of progress bar for it

    1. Re-order project rows easily at any time so I can manage my projects more efficiently

    2. Display columns such as Project name, Client, start date, due date, price, Priority, Progress bar

    3. Apply a due date to projects & view daily tabs (Mon tab, Tues tab…Fri tab)

    4. Easily create new/additional invoices from Actions drop menu

    5. Modern design, alternating row colors to easily distinguish between projects


    1. Display column “Active Projects” in “Invoices Overview” and “Invoice Details”


    1. Create invoices & send thank you note

    2. Add/Edit Projects + priority level (on the go priorities and tasks are ever changing)

  • Hi, the search of invoices will be a great addition. Like thomas said, for consolidating payed invoices.

    For me the biggest issue with invoicing now is to tell wether a project was invoiced. The uninvoiced page does not track fixed fee projects nor estimates.

    So searching the invoices for PROJECT IDs would be great for me.

    Also I am looking forward to a way to relate invoices to projects and show them on the project page.

  • Yes pls if you could add the search By P.O. number also pls

  • I wish that Harvest had a “client history or project history” option so that I could get a full accounting for a client for settlement purposes that includes all past invoiced items including expenses.

    We may actual have to ditch Harvest and go with something else because that feature is unavailable :(

  • it would be great if accepted estimates can be converted to budgets and then converted to invoices.

  • Don’t mean to be ‘that guy’, but… I have to ask:
    you guys are basing your development decisions on actual customer feedback… right??
    Because it kind of seems like this isn’t really that helpful. To almost anyone. Might be a good time to change it.
    (Psst: being open to suggestions usually means suggestions are responded to with: “Great ideas, customers. I’ll submit these at our next team meeting and see if we can get them on the timeline.”)

    If ‘Search’ is what you’re going to improve, then for goodness sake, make it a search feature that actually searches for things. Just scrolling through the suggestions here it looks like your customers are asking for the ability to search by these for a start: Client/Customer Name, PO#, and Specific Phrases Within the Invoice.

    There you go. Completely free research and development for you. I won’t charge you a thing… (‘cuz if I did…I wouldn’t be able to find the invoice again because I couldn’t search for “Harvest”.) :)
    Sorry, that last bit was a little over the top. Good work on the design – it looks nice.

  • Being able to search by criteria other than Invoice ID would be huge. Assuming ID was just a first step here, but does little to solve the current issues we have with having to look through hundreds of invoices to find the one with the correct confirmation number (issued by our clients) in the subject line. When the search included the subject line that will be a massive time saver for us.

  • Calina Madden on August 20, 2015

    Thanks for the thoughtful feedback, everyone!

    A lot of you requested to filter by client, and I want to let you know that that feature is included in this update! It’s not shown in the screenshot above, but when the new Overview is released, you’ll find filtering by client under a new All Invoices tab.

    There are many other interesting ideas here. The reason for this update is to set a firm foundation for us to continue building upon in the future. In addition to these changes, we have other new features planned that are designed to help you work with your invoice list and understand the flow of your income. In the longer term, these updates will help us improve other parts of invoicing as well, so your thoughts are always welcome!

    If you have feedback or questions about this update or anything else in Harvest, it’s best to send an email to You’ll hear back directly from the team that’s working on this update, and we can respond in more detail than this comments section allows.

    Thanks again for your thoughts and ideas!

  • I’d like to see a subtotal option for invoices, so clients can easily see the difference between time billed and pass thru expenses. Currently they have to look for the individual categorization of each line item and total them up. This is also a pain for how I track and recognize overall income vs expenses for my business.

  • The changes look good, but THE most important fix that we’ve been waiting over a year for is to have the invoices integrated into the projects. It’s ridiculous to have to switch in between modules or download reports just to see how much has been invoiced.

  • Great to hear of improvements. Will one be enabling us to easily go from an invoice timesheet entry to the actual timesheet entry, such as if we see a need (from the invoice) to be able to change either the date, time, task, etc.? Thanks.

  • Making Progress Payment invoices from a main invoice would be an absolutely amazing feature. As many creative companies get paid on a milestones or deliverables having a way to create partial invoices from a main invoice would be very beneficial. Thanks

  • So great, I rarely have that many invoices BUT then I had to find one the other day.
    I realized I DID have a lot of invoices over the years and it was hard.

  • hi, I’ve asked for this before – Since your’e redeveloping it would be great to gave a way to record payments for multiple invoices? We invoice 50/60 invoices per month so don’t really want to have to go into each invoice and “record payment”. You should be able to select a group of invoices and select record pavement as a whole not have to go into each invoice.

  • A killer feature for invoices would be to make it so my clients pay me on time.

  • Your press-release link to this blog post broke the Timesheet screen in the actual Harvest web app, at least in Firefox on this Mac. Fortunately, clicking the “Dismiss” button and reloading the app brings it back, but it startled me when all my timesheets appeared to be gone.

  • I would love to see some notion of a “department” for our clients. We work with very large corporations which include several departments that we interact with independent of one another (e.g. different points of contact, separate methods for payment approval, etc.).

    Currently, each department is a separate “client” in Harvest for us, but this complicates reporting and adds extra steps to our work loads for determining client profitablity, etc.

  • Nice new design. Thanks for the search. Clicking reports was kind of painful. Would be nice if the search could search invoice #s or client name. Good work.

  • If only we could print out the online forms to match what they look like on the screen, it would be great.

  • Sara Raymond on August 21, 2015

    Hello — I was also hoping to see that Harvest is creating an easy way to carry a balance forward and calculate interest on that balance. I’ve sent that suggesting to support more than once, and I can’t imagine that I am the only person out here using Harvest who would benefit from such a feature!

  • Want to second what someone else mentioned: the ability to merge outstanding invoices into one invoice. Very time consuming to put that all together for a client, and the clients get confused with multiple invoices (of course, if they would just pay them on time…). Thanks!! Very happy that we are getting a search function. LOVE this product!!

  • What would be great if the new invoice view linked directly to the estimate and job number it was referenced to. In my view, this is the major flaw within an otherwise awesome system. If Invoices and Estimates could be directly linked with a booked in project (Currently it relies on manual filing within one’s own server).

  • I agree with the other comments that searching by invoice ID without being able to search by name is practically useless. When a client is on the phone and has a question, we need to search by client name. Currently, we are stuck downloading n excel file and then sorting by column – very time consuming.

    What would be MOST helpful is if you could sort the list by column so you can sort by client name, ID, date or amount.

  • First of all, I have to say, GREAT JOB! This application fits my business model perfectly! Thank you, thank you, thank you for making my life so much easier. After trying numberous applications, I was so happy to find you.

    The only thing on my wish list a few others have mentioned would be able to create customer statements. Well, first would be all my customers pay in net 15 days (hahaha), but since that isn’t likely to happen, statements would be great.

    Thank you,
    Stephanie Feltus
    Owner / Founder of Mommy

  • Matthias Max on August 23, 2015

    Hey, I’d really like to see my net values of the invoices as that is what really counts for me. In addition I have different tax ratio in some invoices which makes it really difficult to judge the sums in the invoice list. For my business only the net val is important without the VAT.


  • PLEEEEEASE implement a shortcut so that I can see which invoices that have already been sent in a project. I search my ass off right now when I try to track what’s been invoiced. Thank you in advance!

  • Calina Madden on August 24, 2015

    Thanks for the continued feedback, everyone! We’re always curious to know what could make Harvest work better for you, so thanks again for taking the time to share your thoughts here. Some of the things mentioned—like filtering invoices by client—are already in the works! If you have any specific questions or want to send more details our way, don’t hesitate to send an email to You’ll get in touch directly with the team working on this update.

    Chad, sorry about the confusion with the dismiss button! You ran into an unrelated timesheets bug, but that was fixed last Friday. Sorry about the trouble with it!

  • Will the new feature allow for invoices in different languages ?

  • Calina Madden on August 25, 2015

    Eric, you can translate your invoices into a different language by going to Invoices > Configure > Translations. However, currently you can use only one translation in your account. Were you looking for support of multiple languages? If so, that’s not something we worked on for this update, but I can pass that idea along to the team!

  • The filters you added to the “All invoices” tab are helpful, but why not add them to the “Open invoices” tab too? I want to search by client, etc there too.

  • please bring back the Drafts button in the invoice overview! it was a great way to see who i had to chase for invoice approval.


  • and of course it just got moved to the all invoices tab. thanks.

  • I agree with all the commenters above who mentioned statements. These would be a great way to augment the software. It would be amazing to be able to just print out a statement with all of our clients’ past due statements and their current.

  • Leanne Waterson on December 4, 2015

    It would be good if you could do an invoicing statement for separate clients.

    • Calina Madden on December 7, 2015

      You can currently do something like this by filtering your report to a specific client. Just go to the All Invoices tab of the new Overview, and you’ll see a client filter in the top left. I know this isn’t exactly a statement, but it’ll allow you to see info for just one client.

  • **REALLY** need that “optional” items capability in estimates :) Upsell!!

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