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Drill into Tasks and People on your Project

Our Project Analysis pages offer a great way to quickly check the status of a project, but sometimes you may want more detailed information on the time tracked to a project. As of today, we’ve made digging into your project information even simpler, with the ability to drill into tasks and people. Let’s go through an example of how these data points can be useful:

You’re one month into a three month project, and you’ve noticed you’re already close to the end of your budget. When you check things out on your Project Analysis page, time logged to Design has eaten away at most of the budget. What gives?

Now, with one click, you can see all of the people who tracked time to Design. You realize that the person you assigned as backup for design has logged more hours than the primary person – time to have a chat with the team to see what’s going on!

Mid-level Drill-down Blog Post Image

And if seeing the breakdown of people who tracked time to a specific task (or tasks to a specific person) isn’t enough detail for you, you can also click on the Total Hours to see the individual time entries on the Detailed Time Report.

Detailed Reports Image for Blog Post

These changes should help you understand the numbers, and where they’re coming from with just a click (or two)! If you have any questions or feedback, just give us a shout.

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  • great! I was waiting for this link since starting to use the app. these two views belong together.

    • @Michael Thanks for the kind words! If you have any other feedback, let us know!

  • This is a fantastic new feature. Very glad to see it, will definitely save me time.

  • I had been waiting for this feature. This is great. Would be even greater if you could click on the total hours at the bottom to see all hours of a project. In the meantime, this is still very useful, I just have to change the filters on the report to get what I want.

    • Thanks for this feedback @Sylvain. I can see how being able to click through the total hours would be useful. Adding this functionality isn’t in our near-term plans, but noted!

  • Useful if tracking by hours per task, not dollars per task. I’d love to see a feature that allowed budget analysis using both.

    • Katie Rose on October 22, 2015

      Hi Teri, thanks for writing in! Are you saying that when you click to drill-in to a task (when budgeted by fees), you’d like to see the breakdown per person in fees, not just hours?

      If I’m off base here and it’s easier to explain over email, feel free to drop us a line at Thanks!

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