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Harvest for iPhone 4.0: Faster Time Tracking

The Apps Team at Harvest is very proud of our latest work on Harvest for iPhone. One of our major goals this year has been to make your mobile time tracking experience faster by simplifying and streamlining the interactions required to do basic tasks.

In this release, we’ve focused heavily on how you get around the app. The new tab bar navigation gets you between Time, Expenses, and Invoices with a single tap. And it’s close to your thumbs, which is increasingly important as screen sizes continue to grow.

Harvest for iPhone 4.0

The Weekly Summary Bar allows you to see a full week’s worth of totals, plus it will let you jump between individual days with just one tap. You can quickly go back and forth by swiping: swipe on the bar itself to jump backwards and forwards by a whole week; swipe on the Timesheet to go backwards and forwards a day at a time. And if you need to get back to a specific date several weeks ago, you can now go directly there using the Jump to Date calendar. As part of this improved Timesheet navigation, we’ve also optimized the way we load Timesheet data. In general, we think you’ll notice a much snappier UI with significantly reduced load times.

We’ve also exposed start and stop buttons in timers directly in the Timesheet view. Need to re-start a timer quickly? Open Harvest for iPhone and in one tap that timer is running. Did you forget to stop a timer before you packed up your laptop? No problem, just open the app and tap the stop button.

There are many more updates in this version that we think you’ll enjoy: from miscellaneous bugfixes to a faster receipt chooser to an improved Account & Settings section. Rather than detail all of our updates here, we invite you to update your app today and see these great improvements for yourself. As always, if you have feedback on Harvest for iPhone, we’d love to hear your thoughts.

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  • The receipt photos functionality is a huge step backwards! Before, if you tapped to enter a reciept, with just one tap you could enter the last photo taken. This was a HUGE timesaver — since I would just take a screenshot of an email receipt before opening the app, and it would be ready to go. But now I have to tap enter receipt, wait for the camera app to open, tap the photo library thumbnail in the lower left, tap the recents album, and then select the most recent photo. So you’ve gone from literally two quick taps to a sequence of four taps that take about 5 or 6 seconds.

    PLEASE go back to the old way that would let you add the most recent image with just one tap.

    (otherwise, the rest of the changes look pretty snazzy, thanks!)

  • Is the invoice button only for certain plans? I’m on a solo plan and only see Time/Expenses/Account tabs. I’m on an iPhone 5s if that can help.

  • @Sébastien: You should definitely be seeing the Invoices button. Please get in touch with us at if you still do not see it after upgrading to version 4.0.1. Thanks!

    @Andrew: Thanks for taking the time to leave your feedback here. Sorry about those extra taps. We will have a look at this flow in our next version. I don’t know that we’ll go back to the old way, but we can definitely streamline things a bit.

  • Can we create a invoice with the application? Thanks

  • @Eliane: You can only manage existing invoices within Harvest for iPhone. For example, you could resend an invoice or record a payment. To create a new invoice, you’ll need to sign in to Harvest in a browser.

  • @doug it would sure be great if the app could allow invoice creation. I wouldn’t necessarily need to send it immediately, but at least being able to create a report of the hours worked within a given time period, all within the app, would be a major help!

  • @Daniel thanks for your feedback! And I agree, it would be useful to have a bit more reporting in the app. We’ll think about how to improve that in future versions.

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