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Two Improvements to the New Invoices Overview

The new Invoices Overview has been out in the wild for about a month. Since its release, we’ve gotten great feedback that the new filters and search are pretty darn useful! We’re not the type to be easily satisfied, though, and we’ve been hard at work on some improvements.

First, we’ve added a Paid On column to your All Invoices tab. And, it’s sortable. Just head to your All Invoices tab, click the Paid On column, and you’ll be able to see invoices sorted by payment date. This’ll make catching up on your recently paid invoices much easier, and you’ll be able to work more smoothly when recording payments or sending thank-yous.


Second, we made two updates to the way retainer invoices are displayed in Overview. The problem was that retainer deposits aren’t usually considered revenue, so we needed a way to separate these retainer invoices from your overall total. That way, you’d have more accurate numbers to understand your income.

If you have retainers in your account today, we now show you two separate totals: one that includes standard invoices and invoices that draw from retainers (this is usually revenue), and a second total for retainer deposits (this is usually not revenue).


Also, we now visually distinguish retainer invoices in your table, so you can easily track them down. Check it out:


We’re continuing work on this section, so stay tuned for more improvements coming your way!

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  • Chris Chiera on October 5, 2015

    Personally, hard to find the search field useful since it simply searches by id which we’ve always been able to do by control + f in browsers, where is what I imagine most users have been longing for is a way to do actual full search of all their invoices, meaning searching words in titles, descriptions, amounts, etc. But hopefully that is getting closer!

  • Big plus 1 for comment by Chris

  • on the invoice overview page we should also be able to see if a reminder is active or not. Currently we are wasting our time to open every invoice to check if the reminder is enabled or has already been sent..

  • Agree on both comments!
    @Xavier, I’ve mentioned this to Harvest before, just a little ‘reminders’ clock icon on the overview would do the trick.

  • Ditto on what Chris Chiera said. Search is great but not too helpful. expanding the search capabilities would be great

  • Calina Madden on October 6, 2015

    Chris, Eugene, Robbert, Octavio: Thanks for chiming in with your thoughts so far! We don’t have specific plans to expand search soon—there are a few other features we’d like to implement first. However, we’re still thinking on search and how it could improve, and I’ll be sure your comments are shared with the team!

    As for a better way to see invoices with reminders, Robert and Xavier, I’ll be sure that idea is passed along as well.

    Thanks again for taking the time to send your ideas our way!

  • +1 for search! I know it’s been said a bunch of times here, but until ti can actually search against other fields besides the ID it won’t be of much use on our end.

    Pay By date is nice, but would love a Due By date. Would be extremely helpful to get a quick forecast for upcoming receivables, and I can’t seem to find a way to get this data anywhere in Harvest.

  • Would also love to be able to record payments to multiple invoices at once.

  • I love these improvement.

  • I love the improvements. Also, love that I can filter results by client, status, or timeframe. So the search bar isn’t needed, unless I’m looking for a specific ID – which is fine for me. Thanks for the awesome updates, glad I switched to Harvest!

  • Christian on October 9, 2015

    Still looking forward to the “Without VAT” overview – both in invoices, estimates and summery :)

  • Ditto on Sarah’s comment. We send 25+invoices a month, would love to be able to mark them all as paid all at once. It’s tedious to go through them one by one.

  • To be honest, we used the old interface far more as it was far quicker to see past due’s, drafts, etc.

    More so that any of this is the ability to run reports against invoice categories. We are spending hundreds of dollars a month for someone to go through each invoice and gives us category breakdowns of our sales.

  • Calina Madden on October 19, 2015

    Sorry for the delay in responding—we’re hard at work adding some nice visuals to the Overview. Stay tuned!

    I did want to mention, though, that we’re listening to the feedback you leave here. We don’t have specific plans for search by invoice content, bulk updates, or invoice category reports yet, but we’re keeping these things under consideration as we continue to work.

    And William, Jay, thanks for the love! <3

  • Wayne Boshier on December 1, 2015

    One should be able to produce a report By Customer. I can view invoices by customer and it looks great – a summary statement appears on screen but short of doing a Print-Screen I want to be able to send this as a statement to a customer. The report just exports everything bulk and then I must sort and create a statement.

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