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Zoom Out the Forecast Schedule

The schedule is at the heart of Forecast. It’s where you assign hours to your team and add milestones to your projects. It’s where you can see the team’s availability and overcapacity. Every week, it’s displayed on conference room TVs in meetings all over the world.

Today, we’re introducing an incredibly useful (and oft-requested) feature to the Forecast schedule: Zoom Out.

The amount of weeks you see in the schedule is based on your browser’s width. A typical schedule used to display only ~3–5 weeks at a time. That wasn’t enough… Perhaps you’d like to see the next two months to get clear insight into when a developer team would be freeing up. Maybe you want a high-level view of when you can take on that next project.

Now, with the click of a button, the schedule will show you ~9–12 weeks at a time.


Everything about the schedule will remain the same when you zoom out. You can still assign time, resize, drag, and split assignments, add and edit milestones, etc. It will simply show you more weeks in the timeline.

We believe this new feature will give you the high-level view you’ve been missing. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to the team.

As a reminder, you can still navigate the schedule forward or back in time. Make use of keyboard shortcuts to make this even faster: use the left and right arrow keys to navigate weeks, t to return to This Week, - to Zoom Out, and + to Zoom in.

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  • Bring in weekends, and you’ve sold me completely and forever.

  • IOW, as long as Harvest works on the weekends, I will contend that Forecast should, too!


  • Fantastic! Horizontal scroll bar next?

  • Great! But for us the weekends are the deal breaker too! Please add them and we are in.

  • PLAN BY WEEKS NOT BY DAYS. (i.e., 20 hours on client A, 10 hours on client B and 15 hours on client C)

  • @Jon & @Joni – Thanks for letting us know you’re interested in weekends. We are considering this feature for a future version of Forecast, but have nothing to announce on the feature at this time.

    @Bill – Thanks for letting us know you’re interested in assigning hours-per-week. Again, this is a feature we’re considering for Forecast, but have nothing to announce on at this time.

    @Stewart – We have no plans to introduce horizontal scrolling into Forecast. We do have plans to improve the speed and optimization of navigating weeks, but those most likely will not include a scrollbar.

  • Fair enough. Fast arrow navigation serves same purpose.
    How about multi select on filters? :)

  • @Stewart – That is also on our possible list of improvements for Forecast. Thanks for letting us know you’re interested! No word yet on a release date, but if you’d like to let us know how you’d use multiple filters, feel free to email us at

  • Hi! is it possible to be updated with Harvest? I mean if project is archived in Harvest, is it possible to import/update project info in Forecast? That’d be really helpful :)

  • I would also like to see auto update/sync between Harvest & Forecast.

  • Jason Masters on November 22, 2015

    Our need is the complete opposite, as a consulting firm, we need to book in consultants for exact time slots (i.e. Consultant 1 Tuesday 9.30am to 11.00am for client x).

  • Finally – thank you!!
    Given we regularly work on projects that extend for several months at a time (and these projects sometimes take months to become “real” projects), we have been trying to use Forecast to plan our resource utilisation well into the future – difficult when you can only see a couple of weeks at a time.
    Thank you!

  • I don’t find how I can copy a project in Forecast. Is it possible?

  • @Anna @Remco – Thanks for letting us know you’d like archiving to happen in both apps. I’ve recorded your thoughts to our feedback board.

    @Jason – We have no current plans to introduce more granular or hourly assignments. We have more requests for less granular, hours per week assignments. This might be something we look into next year, but no plans for hourly.

    @Anthony – Glad to hear you’re enjoying the zoom out feature!

    @Hans – If you’re asking about copying a project from Harvest to Forecast, you can find the Import button on the Projects or Team page after connecting your account to Harvest. If you’re asking how you copy an entire project in Forecast (like duplicating a project and all it’s assignments and milestones), that feature is not yet available in Forecast. I’ve marked your request to our Feedback board.

  • Zoom out is a great addition…but only one step out? We plan projects at the month to year level and 9-12 weeks at a time still isn’t enough to see the big picture.

  • @Rob note that you can also adjust your browser’s zoom level to see more weeks. Pressing Command or Control – (minus) will further zoom out and increase the number of weeks you can see. Hope this helps!

  • Jason Lennie on January 9, 2016

    Hi there, I’ve been using Harvest for several years and are now trailing Forecast. The main issue I seem to have with it is Forecast doesn’t update with Harvest, or vice a versa. It seems I have to import information from Harvest, but if I make changes to Harvest this isn’t automatically reflected in Forecast. This to me seems as a no-brainer, and that I may as well be using a third-party product. I’ve also been considering WorkflowMax where everything is integrated. My main problem with WFM is it’s horrible graphic interface, which as a designer is important to me and one thing that Harvest nails. Could you please let me know if there are plans to have Harvest and Forecast automatically update each other or perhaps this is already a feature that I am missing??

  • @Jason – Currently edits to project and client names are synced between Harvest and Forecast, as well as project code and the client the project belongs to. We also sync information between the apps: the remaining budget from Harvest is reflected in the Forecast Project Schedule, and the future scheduled time from Forecast is reflected in a Harvest Project Analysis page. Due to server constraints, this data sync may take a few minutes to occur.

    If there is some specific change you’d like to see reflected in both apps, or if something is not working please let us know by emailing the team at Thanks!

  • Deahne Copeland on May 10, 2016

    Nov 19th 2015 you said you would look at updating weekends. Its now May 2016 , this feature has not been added. How are we meant to plan for events that fall on weekends.

    Please advise if this is gong to be updated in say the next few weeks – month.

    I need a tool that can handle this, if Forecast doesn’t then I don’t wish to waste anymore of my time.

    Thank you

  • @Deahne – We are still considering weekend support for a future version of Forecast, but it is not an active feature in development or on our current roadmap.

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