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Archive the Old, In with the New

Everyone likes to start the new year with a goal in mind. If yours is to be more organized, then archiving projects in Harvest may be the most satisfying thing you do all week! Even if organization isn’t your goal (maybe you’re looking to take up knitting, instead), it’ll still feel great when you’re looking at freshly cleaned list in the Projects section of your account. It’s like seeing the floor in a closet for the first time in months (or years…we don’t judge)!

Sounds good! How do I archive my projects?

To archive a project, just head over to the Projects section of your account and click the Actions menu for any project. Select Archive, and you’re all set!


What projects should I archive?

You can archive things that are no longer actively being worked on. When you archive a project, all the data stays put in your account, so you’ll still have easy access for reporting and invoicing. However, it’ll no longer appear in your list of active projects, and people won’t see it as an option to track new time or expenses to.

Another pointer: it can be helpful to duplicate long-term, internal projects every year. Then archive the original. This gives you one project per year, and can make it easier to use reports to show you the most relevant information.

Okay, but why should I bother archiving projects? They’re not bothering anyone.

Trimming down your list of active projects will make the Projects page in your account more useful, since you’ll be able to see just the projects that matter to you now. Your team also won’t have to scroll through tons of unused projects to find what they’re looking for when they track time.

You can learn more about archiving projects in our Help Center, or shoot us an email at, where our Experts are ready to help! We hope you have a happy and clutter-free New Year!

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  • Just a suggestion – It’ll be great to add the ability to place projects “On Hold” as well. Our business has many projects that wait for other parties to make decisions or requires more funding. If it sits in Archive it gets mixed in with completed projects and stages and gets lost. The “On Hold” bucket will provide a nice list of “warm” projects with easy visibility to chase up clients quarterly and not clutter our “active” project page.

    • Hi Michael! Thanks for the suggestion. I definitely see how having an “On Hold” status could help keep track of those inbetween projects! We don’t have anything like that on our roadmap, but it’s always helpful to hear what sorts of features would improve your workflow!

  • Very nice article. I am always wondering how harvest is supposed to be used by the makers :-). More of this workflow related stuff!

    Would love a checkbox in the invoicing workflow to archive projects there right when invoicing.

    • Hey Michael! Glad this was useful for you–as you can imagine, we’re sort of obsessed with internal processes that make lives easier. Feel free to reach out to our support team whenever you have questions about best practices. They know a ton about using Harvest and will be happy to chat!

      And thanks for the suggestion! It’s not something we’re planning on adding, but we love hearing ideas.

  • +1 for Michael’s ‘On hold’ idea please – that would be SO useful.

  • It would be so great if the clients associated with archived projects would not show up in the list when you create an invoice. It is frustrating to go through a long list with many archived clients when creating invoices.

    • Hi Stacie,

      Naomi’s got it exactly right! Once you’ve archived all the projects for a client, you can archive the client, too. Ahhh, isn’t cleaning nice? :)

  • Stacie, we can archive clients, too! (I only discovered this recently – makes a huge difference in that list you’re talking about!) In Manage > Clients and then Edit. In the Edit screen there’s a red click link on the lower right that lets you archive the Client. They’re available again any time that you need them, just like archived Projects. :D

  • I would LOVE to have a way to bulk-archive projects. I have lots and lots of projects. Hundreds of them. and it’s too time consuming to archive one by one.

    • Hi Amy! Bulk archiving projects would definitely make this process easier. Unfortunately, we don’t have any plans to add that right now, but it’s something in the back of our minds.

      Sometimes it can helpful to pull off the band-aid and just push through archiving a lot of historical projects. Then, if you do it more regularly going forward, it’ll be much easier to manage! I know that’s not the quick fix of a bulk update, but I hope it helps.

  • on January 14, 2016

    Love the on Hold Option!! +++ for me too!

  • Agree with Amy. Would LOVE to have the functionality to do more things in bulk. Archiving projects, adding budgets to projects, etc. I do multiple imports each month for clients/projects/team, but have to manually add budgets.

  • Yep! We NEED more bulk/multiple selection functionality in Harvest. Been wanting this since I started using Harvest three years ago. Deactivating forty old projects in the Weekly Timesheet is getting a little old. Same for archiving.


  • Roger Rebetsky on February 1, 2016

    On a related note: I am a “free form” invoicer, so the hours I invoice aren’t automatically marked as “invoiced.” Would love to be able to mark hours as billed right from the project page, and then archive from the same spot. It’s a pretty klugey, multi-page process to get those hours marked “invoiced,” at least as I’ve been able to figure it out. Thanks!

  • Agree with Roger – I would love to have a “mark hours as billed” option on the project page too! I use free form invoices sometimes, and sometimes when changing things on the invoice all the hours doesn’t end up marked as billed.

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