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Invoices: Now with Attachments

We’ve got a little new years gift for you: you can now attach files to invoices!


If you’ve got contracts, statements of work, or friendly GIFs you want to attach to your invoices, go for it! If you send the invoice to your client, they’ll be able to see and download these attachments. And they can see these attachments on the web invoice too.


We know there are potential improvements that’ll make these attachments more seamless, especially if you’re looking to attach reports. However, we didn’t want to hold off releasing this feature for those of you who need it. So enjoy, and here’s to an ever-improving 2016!

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  • This is perfect!!!!! Thank you Harvest.

    One Happy Customer

  • A great addition to this feature to be able to set an attachment to be downloadable once the invoice is harked as paid.

    This encourages the customer to pay the invoice to receive the files. :)

  • Thanks Harvest! I love update season. I have a couple of further suggestions with regards to invoice that would really help my business. We are going on 5 years with you guys, and have been working hard on our internal process improvement and automation as we push into 2016. There are couple of missing features that are becoming really problematic for us and may ultimately force us to move to a different tool or set of tools.

    They are:
    – Inability to subtotal projects on invoices (for when one client has 3 or 4 projects ongoing at the same time.) Bonus: being able to subtotal hours (across multiple people, i.e. a subtotal for ‘labor’; expenses (across multiple types within a project) i.e. subtotal for all ‘materials’ Even if the number is just applied in a description line below the items, that is a big step forward and would be tremendous help to our clients and us (we do this manually now).
    – Inability to apply a % markup to expenses on invoice (either built in the expense line item or as a separate line item)
    – Inability to apply discount or credit as line item $ amount
    – Inability to apply a default Item Code at the person or expense level (for example Engineer I vs. Engineer IV, or shipping vs. expense). [we have to do this manually on every line currently and this is critical to integration with Xero]

    The above would make integration with Xero/QBO much more seamless and significantly reduce effort in invoicing. Right now, having to manually modify invoices in either Harvest or Xero is probably costing us 5hrs/week+ in admin time. That is assuming the human at the keyboard/calculator doesn’t make a mistake.

    For those reading, before when we would invoice exclusively in Quickbooks, it was taking about 60-80 hours a month to invoice, using the harvest tools as-is has cut that time down to about 30 hrs a month- Already a big win!

    Would be nice features:
    – Automatically generate and attach the expense report corresponding to the project(s) and invoice date range associated. I’d apply it as a simple check box as ‘include expense report detail with invoice’. A button to be able to review this would be good too. As would a red/green style warning if expenses in the report are do not have attachments. (I know you alluded to this so I’m excited to see what you’ve got cooking)
    – Automatic late notifications: What you’ve got is a great start but being able to schedule automatic escalation emails (we have three, 15-days, 30-days, and 60-days) would be even better.
    – Employee costs for date ranges (i.e. figuring out correct job profitability and historical while still being able to give employee’s raises. (Off topic, but since I was writing).

    For those reading, we are a engineering product design firm of around a dozen people- my pain-points and priorities may not match yours.

  • Great feature, thanks. Would it be possible to set default attachments via the Invoice > Configure page? This would be really useful for terms and conditions, that now we have to add via a workaround.

  • +1 for default attachments (TOS) for invoices and estimates (separately)

  • +1 for default attachments or PDF page addition (TOS) for invoices and estimates.

  • @sergei’s suggestion is a pretty great one.

  • +1 for automated generation and attachment of expense report

    I’d love to see the ability to determine whether an expense is reimbursable as well. That is currently another weak point for my software consulting firm and is a source of potential invoicing and payroll (external) mistakes.

  • +1 for default attachments or PDF page addition (TOS) for invoices and estimates.

    Multiples notes, and the possibility to choose one. (Invoicing for different types of clients and services, notes and TOS varies).

  • I’ve been waiting YEARS for this! Thank you!

  • Haha.. just needed it the first time and thought it has always been there.. just saw this post from 4 d ago after using it :D – That’s the way SaaS-Tools-Development should be ;-)

  • Hi, I agree with Dan Bodenstein comments above, and would like to add a couple. Like Dan we have been using the tool for quite a while, and there are a couple of minor tweaks that could have dramatic improvement on work flow. This addition is great (and surprising how long it has taken).

    1) The ability to put the Purchase Order # details at the project level, which would auto populate the Purchase Order field on the Invoice. This is an amazing gap in a great product. We are having to keep seperate registers of purchase orders and cross reference draft invoices to the register to see if a client requires a PO on the invoices. (Noting we tend to invoice by project).
    2) Adding expense images (from the associated expense) would be a great win as we have to mail those separately when required by client. Would be great to have a tick box, add associated images from expenses on the invoice. Otherwise why have the ability to capture the image in Harvest.
    3) At the project level, I would really like to have the consultant cost. We predominately use subcontractors (and their rate varies depending on the rate we get from the client). The rate is what we invoice the client, however, we generate the Recipient Generated Tax Invoice for our subcontractors, and we have to manually add in the subcontractors rate and then do the calculations. This would be a big win for us.


  • Hi, I agree with Jason Masters’ comments above – The ability to put the Purchase Order # details in at the project level, which would auto populate the Purchase Order field on the Invoice would be so helpful. I too have to keep a separate list of Purchase Order #’s and manually enter these onto the invoice.
    Also, as per Dan Bodenstein’s comments above re Automatic late payment of invoice notifications. To schedule automatic escalation emails (at 3-days, 15-days, 30-days, and 60-days) would save a lot of time.

  • Finally attachments to email – awesome – you listen and delivered. Now what next….

  • Yay, I can now scan reimburseable receipts as a PDF, save that, and attach that PDF with that invoice all in one go….no more downloading the web PDF invoice, saving it, then sending it in a different email with scanned receipts, or sending the receipts attachment in a separate email. The DREAM would be when you click “add receipt” when entering a claimed expense that it would then AUTOMATICALLY add that receipt as an attachment file when an invoice is generated (or at least give you the option to do that). I don’t understand why the “add receipt” feature is IN the “track expenses” when you add a line item, since that “added receipt” doesn’t appear to get carried along once you actually generate an invoice; it only appears there for you to click on it and “download receipt”….hmmmm….so, great work nonetheless, that at least the “add attachment to this invoice” will be VERY useful and save some extra work, thanks HARVEST TEAM for always improving this offering.

  • Hi

    Looks good. Would be terrific if you could set it to attached the detailed time associated with the generated invoice

    Alternatively have an option to Email to recipient, within the Detail Time report

  • Angel Garcia on February 1, 2016

    Been waiting for this one a long time. Keep it up guys!

  • Samuel Lavoie on February 4, 2016

    Great new feature! this will be pretty handy to add receipts and contract in one email.

  • This is a GREAT addition! One that I’m sure our company will use.

  • I got excited thinking I could automatically attach an expense report. Nope, I still have to run that report, and email it to the clients after I prepare the invoice.

  • Woah: expense images don’t make it into PDF invoice! :-(

    Even Freshbooks has that feature.

  • tyler anderson on February 10, 2016

    +1 to echo comments from @Karesn & @Summit — Having a simple way to automatically include expense images as attachments to the invoice would eliminate my only complaint. Pretty please.

  • Abby Farber on February 12, 2016

    Same thing here. It’s cute to add gifs, but PLEASE – add the ability to add expense images. This is the important thing we need.

  • Very useful feature! Thanks!

    What about a history for each sent invoice? Really needed due to law requirements.

  • Felix, Invoice History has been available for ages.

  • Gernot Schmied on February 20, 2016

    I agree with the others, why on earth can’t you add/include expense images into the invoice? So many people have requested that so far. It is so obvious that we all need that deperately.

    I’ve also asked for a simple thing as a missing translation for the “net timeframe” to no avail for two years now. You obviously prefer spending your time with bloated projects such as Forecast and app cosmetics instead of improving very simple but important workflow things.

    It’s about time to start listening to your customers and change your ways!


  • Gernot Schmied on February 20, 2016

    I opt for the “purchase order #” field request as well in the project and on the invoice (plus translation please!), one of the few very important things missing.

    Besides, it would be nice to have a TAX-ID field for Clients as well.


  • Andy Moore on March 2, 2016

    Would LOVE it if billable expenses could have their receipts automatically (or by single-click) added to the invoice (or linked to for client download).

    This is a great step towards that, but still requires you to upload the file to Harvest twice (once as an expense attachment and once as an invoice attachment)

  • Trevor Smedley on March 3, 2016

    How long are the attachments saved?

    • Cade Truitt on May 4, 2016

      They should be saved indefinitely (unless you delete them)! :)

  • Keith Britton on March 11, 2016

    This is great. I remember asking you guys for this.

  • Kristina on April 4, 2016

    I know this has already been touched up, but I’d like to reiterate adding expense report attachments. The button to add an attachment is wonderful, however downloading it from Harvest, only to reattached it IN Harvest is laborious and redundant. Seamlessly an invoice should be able to read there are expenses associated with you invoice and let you pull and attached the appropriate report, all without having to do any work outside of the application.

  • Cade Truitt on May 4, 2016

    Thanks everyone for the feedback! Auto-attaching expense reports is definitely on our radar, but we’ve got some invoicing cleanup and improvements that we need to get knocked out first.

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