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Project Exports Get A Boost

We’ve made exporting projects out of Harvest quicker with this latest round of updates, hopefully making your reporting process a bit easier.

Export only projects with a budget

Only care to report on projects with a budget? You can now zero-in on your active, budgeted projects by only exporting these from the Projects page.

Export Projects with Budget

Easily see if your budget is in hours or fees in your projects export

When you exported your projects in the past, you may have been confused if you had a mix of projects budgeted by hours and fees. We’ve cleared this up by adding a Budget By column to the export, which gives the units (hours or currency) of your project.

Budget By Column in Projects Export

Quickly export detailed time entries for a project

We’ve made it a bit more convenient to get all the detailed time entries associated with a project. You can export the detailed entries from your project’s page to Excel or CSV in just two clicks.

Export Project Analysis to Excel

Any questions or feedback? We’d love to hear from you.

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  • I would really like to see the ability to customize the data exported into a custom template.

    for example, I only want to see: Date, Client, Project,Task,Hours,Billable Rate, Billable Amount. in the export.

    This is important as this data may get passed to the client, and I don’t want them seeing cost data.

    • Katie Rose on January 19, 2016

      @Chris Thanks for sharing this feedback! Creating a report/page that excludes costs so that it can be shared with your clients is something we’re thinking about. I can’t say we’ll build out a way for you to customize your export, but this feedback is certainly noted. Thanks again for writing in.

  • +1 for more controls around cost data in general. A “report/page that excludes costs so that it can be shared with clients” would be great. Thanks.

  • It would be ideal to be able to export the budgeted hours per team member, so that you can compare estimates to actuals when looking at Harvest and Harvest Forecast data.

  • Pam Scheibe-Johnson on February 9, 2016

    I second the request made by Shannon.

  • When will this update be available? When I export a project I do not see Budgeted by, budget and budget spent columns….

    • Katie Rose on March 9, 2016

      @Wijnand This update is already available. If you go to Projects and click Export from there, you’ll get a list of your projects that includes Budgeted By, Budget, and Budget Spent columns. It sounds like you may be exporting from a specific project page. There, the output is different. If you have any further questions, feel free to drop us a line at

  • @Katie Yes I was exporting a project and not the overview. Would be great to be able to export a bit more data from that. Now I really mis those 3 columns (budget, budget spent, budget left) when exporting a project. Would be great to be able to analyse tasks and employees budgeted VS actual in Excel over all projects. I realise Harvest is not setup this way, but I think a lot of people who use Harvest still work on a fixed budget per project and would love to see which tasks and staff stay on budget over a period of time (week, month, year)…

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