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Introducing Favorites

We’re excited to introduce our new Favorites feature in Harvest for iPhone and Android. This simple improvement to our mobile time tracking lets you focus on just the projects and tasks you need while tracking time from your phone.

Favorites for Android and iPhone

To start using Favorites, simply tap the star next to the project and task field while creating or editing an entry. From that point on, when you tap the new + button, you’ll be presented with a short list of these favorited projects and tasks. You can start a timer instantly by tapping the play button, or tap the row to edit the timer before saving it.

We think this is going to be a really useful time saver for those of you who track time from your phones. And for those of you with many projects and tasks, we hope this feature makes it easier to find the ones you need while you’re on the go.

In addition to Favorites, we’ve also improved our receipt photo selection in the iPhone app. You can select from any of your recent photos directly from the camera view. It’s an even better version of the old “Use Last Photo Taken” button.

We’ve also made some great syncing improvements in our Android app. You’ll notice a more prominent badge when entries need to be synced to the server, and you can now edit entries that need to be corrected before being re-synced (due to a locked timesheet, for example).

As always, we’d love to hear from you about your mobile Harvest experience! If you have anything to share, please comment here or drop us a line anytime.

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  • Nice update! Next time please put some time in the teamstatus overview on mobile. Would be verry usefull to see all the lines from the team.

  • Good Job! Congratulations!

  • @Neil thanks! We’re glad you like it!

    @Jonathan thanks for the feedback! Team Status is definitely on our radar for future improvements.

  • This is great! I tend to use the mobile app for expense more often though and I don’t see the same favorites mechanism there. The project I work on most of the time is at the very end of the project list alphabetically so I do a lot of scrolling for each and every expense I have to enter. Are favorite projects and categories soon to follow for expenses as well?

  • @Casey thanks! That’s a great suggestion, and we are thinking about how we might apply this feature to expenses in the future. Thanks for your feedback!

  • Just noticed this feature recently. Very happy with it.

  • Indeed a great feature, I’m certainly happy with it

  • @Jim and @Carolyn: thanks for your kind words. We are very glad you find Favorites useful!

  • Could you add favorites to the website interface as well? It would be very helpful if favorited tasks appeared at the top of the weekly view.

  • Thanks for the suggestion @Kathi! Bringing Favorites to the web is not yet on our roadmap, but we’ll keep it in mind for the future.

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