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Easier Editing from Your Reports

Sometimes something small can make a huge difference. Think about adding salt to your French fries or taking a few moments to clear your mind before tackling a project. We recently made a tiny change to Harvest, but we think it’ll have a big impact on the way you edit time or expense entries.

Currently, our Detailed Time and Expense reports let you easily review your work. But what if you notice an error and need to edit? The report was a dead end, with no easy way to make changes.

Now, we’ve removed that dead end. As of today, when you click on any time listed in the Hours column of a Detailed Time report, or an amount in the Amount column of an Expense report, you’ll be taken right to that entry. Here’s what it looks like for time:


One thing to note: Previously, clicking an amount in your Expense Report would open the expense’s receipt (if one was attached). Now, you can get to that receipt by clicking the paperclip icon to the right of the amount.

We hope that this update makes editing entries easier, so you have more time for what really matters—getting that clear headspace so you can get to work!

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  • Maarten Mandemaker on June 25, 2016

    Great feature! This was actually bugging me just last week…

  • charlie arehart on June 25, 2016

    And it’s been bugging some of us for years, Maarten.

    Thanks, Harvest, for finally adding this, really. :-)

    Even so, as a fellow web developer, I can’t help but wonder why it took so long. Wasn’t it simply about creating a hyperlink on each time entry (an already there) to its corresponding time sheet page (a page already existing)?

    Sure, you’ve got to triage and manage priorities along with demands for big new features and surely many improvements. But couldn’t something as simple as this have been slipped in to the development pipeline sooner? :-)

    You guys are so good about communicating and with the quality of things in general that I suspect you have a reasoned answer. Perhaps this is an opportunity to communicate to readers why something even so seemingly simple as this could take so long. It could help set expectations for future requests for improvements. That could be a comment here, or perhaps a new blog post (or if there is one, feel free to point me to it).

    • Calina Madden on June 28, 2016

      Thanks for this great question, Charlie!

      To give you some background, we don’t think this link to your timesheet is actually the best way of solving the editing problem. And because of that, we spent a lot of time considering smoother—albeit more complex and development heavy—methods to make editing from a report easier. Because we were so focused on what we consider to be a better way, we didn’t pay as much attention to this simpler change. It’s embarrassing we didn’t get this out sooner, but we think it’s okay (and humbling!) to be embarrassed every once in awhile! And we still hope to improve on this feature and make editing an even smoother process.

  • charlie arehart on June 28, 2016

    Thanks, Calina. The honesty is appreciated (and not unexpected from you guys!) That said, I do lament that the whole time the “better way” was being considered this “simpler way” couldn’t have been slipped in.

    I get that some may not like the idea of making two changes to a feature when one is the ultimate destination, but here’s a perfect case where perhaps a time limit could have been set internally to say “if we don’t get that better solution in place within some short x time, let’s go with the simpler solution in the interim”.

    I only press this point because I don’t doubt that there are many other situations like this lurking in your bug/improvement tracking mechanism. It’s the nature of our business, of course. But I have seen so many situations like that (in my own projects or where I was a user) that I have this learned preference to not let such “little tweaks” get lost among all the higher priority ones, if I can somehow help it.

    I’m just hoping this situation might lead to an improvement in the process for other such situations. No need to say if that’s so. I realize you may prefer to not make any such public commitments. Just wanted to get it out while we’re on the subject.

    And given all the minutes I might save weekly with this new ability to link right to timesheet entries, I didn’t mind taking the time to write this up. :-) Seriously, I hope it was beneficial to anyone who chose to read along.

    • Calina Madden on June 28, 2016

      Thanks, Charlie! We fully intend to keep on making these kinds of continual improvements. Hope we can live up to your expectations!

  • +1 for charlie arehart. More of this. Why not dedicate a day per Month to the small improvements with big impact.

  • Just to say we love this feature too. However, it would be great to see something similar in the Approvals screen – I often spot someone having logged time to the wrong project or task and have to manually navigate to their timesheet to fix it…

    • Calina Madden on July 1, 2016

      Hi, Alex! We have something in place that may help you. Just head to Timesheets > Pending Approval, and click into someone’s submitted timesheet. You’ll see their week’s time listed out. If you click the day of the week/date at the top, you’ll be taken directly to that person’s timesheet where you can make edits. Here’s a screenshot of what I’m talking about. Hope it helps!

  • Its great to see activity from a company not just providing a tool with no communication. I have employees that work from home in my company and this looks like a great way for them to track their time.

    • Calina Madden on July 5, 2016

      Thanks, David, we like to keep those lines of communication open! ;) Hope you get a chance to try out Harvest!

  • I absolutely love this feature! It’s a real time saver. Thank you.

  • Thank you – I’ve kept meaning to ask for this! Sometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference.

    • Calina Madden on July 14, 2016

      Thanks for the kind words, Mark! Glad to know it’s helpful for you!

  • I am so, so happy about this change! I am sure I am not the only one who wrote to you requesting this! I very recently switched to Harvest and this was one of the hardships I had switching from Freshbooks – that I couldn’t do this. So I was one of the voices who wrote asking for some work-around… and voila, it’s here. VERY happy!

    One of the big reasons I left Freshbooks is that I (and many other users) had made feature requests numerous times to them, but very few changes were ever implemented. Felt like they had gotten complacent in their product and user base, and their efforts have now shifted to other new offerings rather than making the core Freshbooks interface work better for those of us who were paying to use it. I’m really happy to see (through this change, and perusing through your blog) that Harvest is still continually improving, and hearing user wishes.

    • Calina Madden on July 13, 2016

      Thanks so much, Kym, it’s always awesome to hear that our improvements are making an impact! I’ll share your comment with our developer, Pez, who pushed to get this out. We’re working every day to make Harvest better, so I hope we can keep making you happy!

  • I can echo what Kym said above – I used to be a Freshbooks user but they never implemented any features (for years it seemed).

    Just wanted to add my comment here and say thanks! We are using Freshbooks and Forecast and both work beautifully together.

  • Hi Calina, I totally had a typo above – we are using HARVEST and Forecast together. :)

  • Nice! Been asking about this for years, you just made my month end way less annoying.

    • Calina Madden on July 15, 2016

      Glad we could make things easier for you, Mack! Thanks!

  • Felipe Romero on July 15, 2016

    Thank you very much Harvest. Small and really handy feature!

  • Just wanted to echo what Charlie said above. The development feels shockingly, painfully slow and had me on a Freshbooks trial last month (but it just doesn’t fit my business the same).


    I just got back from Holidays and discovered this had been fixed. As someone who has to review other people’s time and tweak comments, time etc before invoicing clients this is Christmas in July!

    Thank you!!


    • Calina Madden on July 18, 2016

      Awesome! Glad to hear this is so useful for you, Simon! :D

  • Very helpful. Thanks!

  • Huge improvement, thanks!

  • This is much appreciated, my business employs nothing but at-home workers so this is a fantastic way for me to track their time.

  • I just received a link to your article from a friend, like her my business only employs people that work from home so your idea is perfect for me to track the work assignments.

  • Christian Fellmann on August 15, 2016

    +1 for charlies comments. You almost lost me to freshbooks because of this!

    Anyway, thank you for this feature!

    • Calina Madden on August 15, 2016

      Glad we could get this out for you, Christian! We plan to keep on improving!

  • LIKE, LIKE, LIKE. And echo many of the comments above, especially the ones about getting out more of these small changes and dedicating it a day a month. Pity there is no option to click like on this article and/or on the comments. Maybe it would also be an idea to let your user express the feature changes they want and let us all vote so that you can prioritize also based on what we value?
    I have been using Harvest since January 2014 and pretty much love it, but I truly miss more visibility on your features pipeline and more transparency on what users value. Just yesterday I wrote again to your service team, because months ago I have filled in a survey with very in depth feedback and never heard anything back, while now you asked for a new survey for mobile app (which by the way is great and, for certain things, better than the desktop app). In my email I also specifically asked (again) for this editing possibility and got reply that it was still in pipeline. Then while navigating Harvest after holidays I pleasantly discovered it was already live! There are at least 3 more features that I would love to see and that I would think are extremely simple to do:
    1) Timesheet >>Time>>Day has totals on the top while Timesheet >>Time>>Week has total on the bottom which in most weeks requires plenty of scroll down to have visibility so I end up doing all my checks on mobile where total line is on the top
    2) Reports>>Time has all options (week, month, quarter,…) but day. I would think it is a really easy feature to add? As work around I used custom but then this has no arrow option to go back and forward like weeks/months/etc
    3) Reports>>Time doesn’t allow to filter on multiple clients or projects (but only on active), while sometimes I want to see how much time I’m spending on Tier 1 clients, Tier 2, and (as a solopreneur) on my own company running
    4) Adding a new task/project from the timer. This is possible on mobile but not on desktop so as workaround when I need to add a new tasks/projects on the fly, I always create them from mobile

    It would be interesting to know how many other persons are asking for these changes and if/with which timeline you will be deploying them.
    Thanks Rosaria

    • Calina Madden on August 17, 2016

      Thanks for the likes, Rosaria! I saw your email to us as well, and thanks for sharing your ideas! I think many of your questions were answered in that email, but I also wanted to mention that our Detailed Time Report (under Reports > Detailed Time) might help you. That report will let you filter to see time for just specific clients or projects.

      And thanks again for your other feedback! We don’t have specific plans to develop those exact features, but the team will keep your ideas in mind. Thanks again!

  • Rosaria brings up some great examples of the kinds of things you’d think a Saas would react to and polish up. It’s the web. It’s not a building.

    So, Rosaria – I’d +1 your points, if Harvest was into gauging such interest.

    • Calina Madden on August 22, 2016

      We are! Thanks for your additional thoughts on this, Lee.

  • Marc Fraser on August 24, 2016

    Thanks for the improvement… really handy.

    I’m not sure if anyone has suggested it yet, but it would be great to be able to jump back to the same report after editing the time-entry (i.e. button on the edit-entry dialogue captioned “return to report”)… Is there anyway you can slip this into the development pipeline???

    Keep up the good work.

    • Calina Madden on August 25, 2016

      Thanks, Marc! I agree, jumping back could be handy. For now, hitting your browser’s back button could work, but it’s certainly not as elegant. We’re working on some better ways to edit, and hopefully you’ll find them useful!

  • Pam Scheibe-Johnson on August 29, 2016

    Thank you for this fix! As noted by many of your users, this will save us a lot of time. I’m going to take advantage of this and repeat my request for another “fix”. Please add a report that shows BY PERSON hours budgeted and hours used! All of this information is already available within Harvest and I can run a report by project, but many of us would benefit from seeing this information for each staff person.

    • Calina Madden on August 29, 2016

      Thanks for letting us know your request, Pam, and I’m happy to hear this new feature is useful for you! We don’t have plans for a per-person, company-wide budget report yet, but I’ll pass on that it’s something you’re looking for.

  • Aleksi Johansson on September 1, 2016

    This is superb, great addition! Affects our everyday life.

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