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Scheduling Partial Time Off in Forecast

Knowing when someone will be off or on vacation is incredibly important to scheduling your team. Having that information handy helps you make better decisions about how to staff your team’s upcoming weeks, and helps you determine more realistic timelines for projects. In Forecast, Time Off is highly visible within your schedule views so you can quickly see how they affect your timelines.

Today, we’re adding more flexibility in Forecast by allowing you to schedule partial time off. While you can already mark full days off for team members in Forecast, the reality is people also take just a couple hours off. With today’s release, you can mark a team member’s time off for as few or as many hours in a day. Schedule around your designer’s 2-hour doctor appointment next Monday, your project manager who leaves early on Thursdays to pick up their kids, or those half-day summer Fridays. This partial time off feature lets you get a more accurate picture of what’s in store in the future.


You can also schedule partial time off for Everyone at the company. We hope this insight leads to more accurate schedules and planning. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to the team. Happy scheduling!

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  • Carmen Martinez on July 29, 2016

    2 years ago when Forecast was launched I was truly excited by having a scheduling app that worked with Harvest… I was all set up plugging away when the issue of not being able to schedule weekends came up. I sent request to the support desk and have been told every time I ask that it is just not that simple to add weekends to the program and while they have had requests regarding the same, it was not in the foreseeable future for updates. The last excuse I got was a gem. “Not planning on making that change because not all customers schedule on weekends so it would affect the recurring weeks feature” …. WHAT?!?!?! Just like on Harvest, weekends are available to enter time. If we don’t work weekends we don’t use it….BUT if we do, we can. WHY is it not that simple to add weekends to Forecast!! SERIOUSLY. We just went from 22 to 34 users and we are still growing. Not having ability to schedule on weekends is a DEAL BREAKER and such a frustrating disappointment.

  • I echo Carmen’s frustration, at least as far as general paucity and conservativeness of the development. The features that warrant a post that shows up in the sidebar of my Harvest dashboard are awfully, awfully minor.

  • I agree with Lee to some extent, but the qqqqqqq” ‘ is not really true I think.

  • Aaron ?? What does that even mean?

  • We have 16 users and need to schedule on weekends. We have been asking for ever. Please add this feature.

  • Carmen Martinez on August 6, 2016

    Richard- We have been asking since the app was first launched. It’s ridiculous – before they used to at least reply with a lame excuse why- now I get no response at all from them . That is the only reason we can’t use Forecast. and probably why we will have to stop using Harvest as well. we are now up to 32 users.

  • Apologies for the slow response. Our company was holding one of our annual Summits last week.

    We appreciate hearing how much you would like Forecast to work for your needs, but unfortunately we do not have any near-terms plans to support weekends in Forecast. While it may seem like an easy and worthwhile change, it’s a complex change that can even negatively impact the current experience. We designed Forecast to be a high-level team planning tool, and we are continuing to focus on making it the best high-level team planning tool available.

    The best place to get in touch with us regarding feature requests, ideas, and feedback, is directly via this form:

  • If you run a 7 day a week operation it’s almost insulting to be told that weekends are not high-level.

    You guys really are quite bonkers.

  • Joshua Zoshi on August 30, 2016

    Currently evaluating ResourceGuru, Float, Ganttic, Teamweek, and Harvest Forecast. We are a 60 person hi-tech company. No weekends is a dealbreaker. So Harvest Forecast is out of the running.

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