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Choose Which Days People Work in Forecast

Many of our customers have people on their team who do not work a full 5 days a week. They might hire freelancers, contractors, and other part time workers. For these team members, the Daily Availability heat map did not always get their availability correct. To solve this, we’ve added a new field to select which days of the week someone works.

Forecast - Daily Availability

On Edit Person, below the Capacity setting, you will see a new Availability setting which allows you to select between Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. All of these are defaulted to ON for people on your team, but you can turn specific days OFF (simply by unchecking them). For example, if a contractor only works on Monday and Tuesday, you would shut off Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday for that contractor.

Forecast - Daily Availability

Setting their Availability to the specific days that a person works allows Forecast to accurately calculate how many hours that person will work on those days. In the above example, you can clearly see that Andrew works 7 hours per day only on Monday and Tuesday. We get this from his Capacity, which is 14 hours per week.

You’ll also be able to see your team’s availability reflected on both the Team Schedule and Projects Schedule. The days that a person does not work will be crossed out, prompting you to not add any time on those days.

Forecast - Daily Availability

Note: This is a purely visual indication. Forecast will not prevent you from assigning time on those days.

If you don’t have any people on your team who work part-time, then nothing should change for you. If you do need to customize the days of the week some people on your team work, this new Availability setting will help keep your assignments and heat map accurate and useful.

If you have any questions about this new feature, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the team. Happy scheduling!

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  • This is great, but would love to see the ability to schedule someone on Weekends. This is a huge issue for us. Thanks

    • Andrew – We’ve heard lots of feedback about scheduling on weekends, and it’s on our radar to implement. While we are not actively working on this feature today, it is a part of our longer term roadmap—we plan to at least begin working on it in 2017. It may not look like it, but it is quite a complicated feature to roll out, however, we completely understand the need! When weekends are ready, you will surely hear about them here on the blog.

  • This is great! Just adjusted it for all part-timers at our company. Now, nobody can complain that only “Weekly Capacity” is correct and “Daily Availability” is always in the red for part-timers (we are connected to Harvest, so that was a problem).

    The only employee I have, though, where the problem still persists: She takes off every other Monday. I don’t want her to schedule “Time off”, because I would have to adjust her total working time in Harvest so she does not always seem to be totally off the charts – and I want Harvest and Forecast to be in sync, because only then everybody’s sane.


    So far, I set up a “Absent” project, where she forecasts 0.01 hours every other Monday. So everybody sees visually that “she’s got something then already”, but in total, the sum is not so much off that all time reports would have to take that into account.

    • Stefan – Interesting problem. Your workaround with the “Absent” project is probably the best thing to do today. Neither Harvest or Forecast plan to allow different Capacities for people on different weeks, but thanks for letting us know this is something you’d like to see!

  • This is a really helpful addition. All of our staff are on some kind of flexible working solution and its seen as a real benefit, its great to see systems are catching up to help us support new ways of working. I would support other comments here by adding that we also have people working a compressed fortnight i.e. have every other Friday off. We also have some people who work 5 hrs Monday to Wednesday and 7 on a Thursday. We even go as far as having some staff that only work during school term time, i.e. they don’t work in school holidays at Christmas, Easter, Summer etc.
    Now i’m not expecting so see any solutions to all these problems, more hoping that giving examples of how some firms operate may help you with feature planning going forward. Happy to help contribute more if I can.

    • Wesley – Those examples do help us of how some firms operate! We’ve taken note. While we don’t have any plans to support differing Capacities or Availabilities week-to-week, thanks for letting us know this is something you’d like to see!

  • This is a great new feature. Something related that would be a great help to us would be the be able to change the number of hours worked per day e.g. We have a few staff that work 7.5 hours everyday except Friday when they work 4 hours. It would be great to be able to represent that by changing the time available for them for Friday only.

    • Marianne – Similar to my answer to Wesley, we don’t yet have plans in the works to allow different availabilities day-to-day, but thanks for letting us know this is something you’d like to see! I’ve noted it down in our feedback board.

  • literally wished for this and then it happened. MAGIC

  • Fantastic! As per Marianne’s suggestion above the ability to set capacity more granularly would be of huge benefit to us. Again we are using various workarounds to achieve similar results, but they’re not always tidy.

    I’m sure you’ve considered something like this already, but for us the ideal would go something like;
    – Set up a new team member and select what schedule they operate by (weekly, fortnightly, monthly).
    – Then, rather than just ticking days of the week, enter in under each day the number of hours that team member is available.

    But for now, thanks for the update and we look forward to even more!

  • Hello, yes as we have an office in the Middle East and their working days are Sun – Thursday and although it still functions like Mon – Fri some of the team do find it a little confusing at times. We appreciate the functionality and time a change may require, but if there was a way to change the labelling from M T W T F could be amended as an interim solution would be great. Other wise we will keep an eye out for updates.

  • Guys… weekends are such as a massive hole in the product. It absolutely needs to be top of the roadmap.

    I understand the scale of complexity – it probably touches pretty much every part of the system and will be a scary migration, but you need to be brave and slay this dragon.

    I also wonder what kind of impact it will have on your sales, as we have given up on Forecast twice before due to lack of support for weekend allocations.

    • Kyle – As mentioned to Andrew above, weekends is on the roadmap. While we are not actively working on this feature today, we plan to at least begin working on it in 2017.

  • Congrats for the new feature and a big thanks.
    You are awesome people!

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