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Announcing Harmojis: Harvest-Themed Emojis and Stickers

Hello! You may know that Harvest HQ is in New York City, but did you know we’re a mostly remote team? Currently, we’re working across more than ten countries and in more than five time zones.

Because we live thousands of miles apart, we can’t walk over to a coworker to give them a high five for their stellar presentation, laugh about the awkward first date they had the night before, or give them a hug when they’re having a bad day.

Thankfully, we have some tools up our sleeve that have helped us become the tight-knit, collaborative crew we are today. One of those tools is the wonderful art of emoji.Whether it’s in Slack, Trello, iMessage, or elsewhere, a little emoji can go a long way to help us communicate those subtle emotions that can be lost in translation. And those small touches add up to stronger relationships and stronger teams. 

For the new year, we thought we’d give a little gift to our team: our own Harmojis, or Harvest-themed emojis and stickers:





Today, we’re excited to share this little tidbit of our culture with you! You can use these Harmojis to bring some fun to a few of the places you work and chat. Access Harmojis (and learn how to install them) here.

For all the emoji connoisseurs out there: if you love making and using custom emojis, we’d love to use them too! Drop us a note—we can’t wait to hear from you!

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