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Posts by Danny Wen:

Harvest in the Wall Street Journal

When you are a small business, getting your clients to pay you on time isn’t always straight-forward. Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal published a piece on how entrepreneurs are using online services to help with this challenge.

They asked us how we help our customers get paid. Here’s the excerpt:

Marian Phelan, president of Hashrocket Inc., a Jacksonville, Fla., software developer, says her firm started using Harvest in 2009 because it made it easy for company programmers to click a button on their computers whenever they were doing work for a particular client.

The system then compiles that billable time into an invoice, and users can enter additional items such as expenses.

Harvest also offers a less stressful option for managers who hate dunning their customers. “You can set up automated reminders to remind clients if an invoice is past due,” says Danny Wen, co-founder of the New York-based site, whose services start at $12 a month. “Then it’s the application doing the reminder—not the person. It makes things less awkward.”

Check out the full article for all the tips:

Harvest and Co-op Now Available from Chrome Web Store

This week, Google launched the Chrome Web Store, an online marketplace, where users can search, browse and use web-based applications and extensions.

You can now install Harvest and Co-op (our team communication app which we live by everyday) for your Google Chrome browser via the new Web Store — it’s available at no additional charge for existing Harvesters. Once installed, the apps will appear when you load Chrome. This makes accessing our apps from Chrome on any machine even easier.

Additionally, we’ve started to add some HTML5 goodness starting with @reply notifications in Co-op, so you can take advantage of great desktop-like features right from your web browser.

Head over to the Chrome Web Store via your Chrome browser to install them today!

  • Install Harvest for Chrome
  • Install Co-op for Chrome

Get Paid Faster, Part III – Introducing PayPal Business Payments

Yesterday, PayPal introduced a new product called PayPal Business Payments, and Harvest is proud to be a launch partner for this new product. This is a new, fast and secure method for sending and receiving payments for the lowest possible rate out there: a flat 50 cent fee.  Harvest customers can take advantage of this new pricing for their account now.

Just 50 Cents?

The most compelling reason to use Business Payments is that you will now pay only a flat $0.50 per transaction for the payments you collect with PayPal. As a small business charging hundreds or thousands of dollars per invoice, a flat transaction fee to collect payment online is a welcome change from fees that usually take a percentage of the payment. This simple pricing ensures that you keep most of your invoiced amount while paying a truly small amount to PayPal in the process. For example, it doesn’t matter if your invoice is $900 or $9000, your fee to PayPal will still be just only a flat $0.50.

Note: Business Payments require the sender of the payment (your clients) to have a PayPal account and have their account linked to their bank account. Also, PayPal Business Payments is currently only available for US customers receiving payments domestically.

How To Activate

Just head over to your Invoices > Configure > Online Payments section and select the new Business Payments option now available for PayPal. That’s all there is to it! Give it a try and let us know what you think.

This wraps up our series on Getting You Paid Faster.  If you missed our other features, you can read about our other new features that get you paid twice as fast via web invoicing.

Walkabout NYC – Open House for Startups

On Friday, June 10th (tomorrow!), seize the opportunity to stop by over 20 New York City-based startups and technology companies as they welcome visitors to drop by to see their spaces, learn about their services, and meet the teams. We’re proud to present Walkabout NYC!

Since the day we set up our first desks for the company, we’ve enjoyed visiting creative offices and workspaces for inspiration that we could bring back to our work environment. With more and more startups calling New York City home, it was time to organize an open-house event for technology startups. We’re thrilled to have so many great companies on board with the Walkabout NYC event, helping us inspire each other and being accessible to the community at large.

For all the details, head over to Walkabout NYC.  Come out and meet the neighbors.

Teaspiller Add-on Helps You With Your Taxes

UPDATE: Teaspiller was acquired by Intuit and is now known as TurboTax CPA Select.

As tax season swings into full effect here in the U.S., we have a timely Harvest add-on to share with you. Teaspiller is a new service which helps you get your taxes done quickly and easily by a certified tax expert.

With your invoices and business expenses already tracked in Harvest, it’s easy to export your numbers and get things rolling with a a tax expert. Here’s a brief video demonstrating the seamless integration with Harvest:

Teaspiller allows you to choose your own price for a tax expert (based on your specific needs: user reviews, experience, industry specialties), enter you basic tax information online, and then get unlimited support from a certified tax expert to make sure you’re maximizing all those Harvest expenses. Visit for more information.

Track Time, Log Expenses and Submit Receipts from your iPhone

Our iPhone app has been updated! Get the newest version →

Harvest Time Tracking Expense Tracking iPhone App

Today, we’re excited to announce the arrival of our official Harvest iPhone app to the iTunes App Store.


Harvest for your iPhone allows you to track time and expenses on-the-go, with or without a network connection. Start and stop the task timers or enter durations with notes while you’re on the road.

Need to submit receipts with your expenses? With Harvest for your iPhone, you can snap photos of your receipts and attach them to your expense entries in Harvest. It’s a great way to stay organized.

Hat tip to CrazedCoders (the creators of the Co-op iPhone companion, iCo-op) for helping us launch this app. Enjoy and let us know what you think!

Join Us For the Ride. We’re Hiring.

It’s been three and a half years since we launched Harvest.  What started as a side business for our design studio has grown into a trusted brand and service used by thousands of businesses and freelancers around the world.  It’s gratifying to know that we’re making a real impact on our customers’ lives.

With all that said, we believe we’re just getting started.  We recently moved into a beautiful loft space in downtown Manhattan to mark the beginning of our next chapter.  We’ve got big ideas and big plans and we believe we will drastically change how businesses operate in the near future.  To make it all happen, we need the best and the brightest to join us on this endeavor!

With a strong emphasis on user experience and great design in all of our products, we are looking to fill the following roles:

User Experience Designer
Visual Designer
Front-end Developer

We have the heart of an entrepreneurial start-up and the stability of a revenue-driven company.  If this sounds good to you and you currently live in NYC (or want to relocate here), or know someone who would be interested — get in touch!

Go Behind-the-Scenes With Us At SXSW Panels

In March 2010, thousands of designers, developers, writers, and thinkers will descend on Austin, TX for the annual SXSW Interactive Festival.   The five-day conference will host a wide-range of speakers and panelist to discuss trends, issues, and other topics related to the interactive space.  We’ve learned a lot from building our business in the last few years and we want to give back to the community with panels that go behind the scenes on how we (and other companies) operate.  Below are two panel ideas we’ve submitted to SXSW.  Help us make them happen by taking a moment to vote for them by following the links below! (Voting ends Friday, Sept 4th, so act now!)

Making The Leap From Consulting To Web Product Company
In this panel, we’ll reveal how leading online services switched tracks from consulting firms to profitable web-based product businesses. Learn about the challenges and tactics of bootstrapping your way to success and hear how others have done it.
Vote for this panel

Get Scientific: What to Track to Grow Your Business
Launching a web service is just half the game. Every visitor, lead, and conversion can be captured and studied. Go behind the scenes of established online services as they reveal custom-built tools and tactics to track and analyze the health and growth of their online businesses.
Vote for this panel

With panels comprised of several notable web companies, join us for the insights, stories, and heated arguments.  See you in Austin!

Behind-the-scenes at Harvest HQ

Over the years, we’ve learned a lot about running our business.  It’s been a tremendously rewarding process for the entire team, and moving forward we’d like to share these learnings and observations with the small business community.

Starting today, we’re expanding the focus of this blog to cover topics beyond updates on Harvest.  We’ll be sharing our stories and thoughts about design, programming, marketing, and other topics that relate to our business.  We’ll discuss processes that have worked well for us, and provide tips from collaboration to productive office spaces.

Stay tuned for more posts on this as we get things rolling.  If there’s anything in particular you’d like to hear us talk about, let us know via comments below!

Note: If you’d rather read just product announcements, bookmark this link or fetch our product announcements RSS feed.