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Posts by Jonathan Lane:

A faster way to add expenses on iOS

Sometimes it’s just not convenient to create an expense in Harvest the moment you have your receipt. 

Maybe you’re rushing to pick up coffee before the next meeting. Maybe you’re out with clients and you don’t want to waste that face-to-face time looking at your phone. Or maybe you prefer to do your housekeeping at the end of the day.

Whatever the reason, you don’t always have a spare minute to hunt down the Harvest app on your iPhone, head to Expenses, take a picture, and enter the details. It’s simpler to snap a picture and take care of it later. 

For those occasions, our latest Harvest for iOS feature should be right up your alley. 

Harvest for iOS is one of the easiest ways to add expense receipts and document your purchases. We’re streamlining that process even more by introducing a new share extension for photos.

When you’re viewing an image on your phone, you can now create an expense in Harvest for that image via the share option. Here’s what it looks like:

This is useful for those times you want to snap a picture of your receipt and create the expense later. It’s also handy if you’ve been emailed a copy of your receipt, or if you saved a copy of your receipt to iCloud Drive to file those expenses during your commute.

We hope this helps you fit Harvest expensing into even more of your existing workflows!

Supporting Harvest: Tools of the Trade

I had the opportunity to speak at the fabulous UserConf NYC a few months ago, about how Harvest dropped its support response times. I then followed up with a guest appearance on Supportops Podcast with Chase Clemons from 37signals, where we talked about remote working, Hurricane Sandy, and a some of the tools we use in Harvest support that help to speed up the process. Here’s a quick look at a couple of the tools that I use everyday. Continue reading…

Scheduled Maintenance, Tuesday June 4th 10pm – 12am EDT

UPDATE: Maintenance has now been completed successfully at 12:33am EDT on June 5th.  Everything is operating as expected with Harvest once again.  If you experience any problems, try clearing your web browser’s cache and reloading the page you’re on.  If you need assistance with this, or with anything else, please drop us a line at Thank you!

UPDATE: Due to availability issues with one of our vendors, we have postponed this maintenance window to Tuesday June 4th, between 10pm – 12am EDT. What time is that for you?

We’re making some changes to the way Harvest is delivered from our servers to your computer (for those of you with Rails knowledge, we’re rolling out Asset Pipeline across Harvest). Because the changes affect every page in Harvest, we wanted to give you some advance warning just in case you’re using Harvest at the time and it doesn’t seem quite right.

Harvest will be in scheduled maintenance mode on Tuesday June 4th, between 10pm – 12am EDT.  What time is that for you? We are not planning to take Harvest offline during this maintenance window, but there could be temporary performance or availability issues during this window as we roll out this change.

As always, we appreciate your support! We will update the progress of this upgrade via @harvest and

QuoteRoller wins the work & Harvest lets you bill it

QuoteRoller is web-based software that lets you create winning proposals, collaborate with clients, and receive sign-off all in an integrated online workflow.  If you’re looking at a way of automating your RFP response process, check out QuoteRoller.

The fine folks at QuoteRoller have put together an integration with Harvest that lets you quickly convert your accepted proposals into an invoice in Harvest, and share contact information between the two systems.  Check it out:

Behind the Scenes with Harvest: Kaizen

While working on a different post today, I realized that we’ve never formally talked about Kaizen, our internal project management/bug tracker/feature request tracker. Sure, we’ve mentioned it in passing a number of times, but we’ve never given you a behind the scenes peek at what Kaizen looks like.

“Kaizen” is a Japanese word meaning “improvement” and refers to a philosophy of continuous improvement of process. It’s the perfect name for a tool that contributes so deeply to the improvement of our products, ourselves and the work we do. In a lot of ways, Kaizen (app) is the embodiment of The Harvest Way: listen to our customers, make it simpler, make it faster, be honest and keep improving.

Kaizen as a project/task manager:

Continue reading…

Bidsketch and Harvest integration

Bidsketch is an application that lets you design beautiful proposals, send them to your clients and track them to see when they’re reviewed and accepted.  It has great support  for things like templates, optional work/fees, and a client workflow to collaborate on, accept and sign-off on proposals.

Now, Bidsketch is integrated with Harvest, allowing you to easily convert accepted proposals in Bidsketch over to an invoice in Harvest.  Additionally, you can move client information between systems and create projects in Harvest directly from Bidsketch.

If you’re looking at a way to take your proposals up a notch by simplifying the process and moving approvals online, take some time and check out Bidsketch.

Harvest for Zendesk – Love Tracking Time from Your Help Desk

UPDATE: Please visit the Harvest for Zendesk help article for latest information regarding the integration.

Assisting customers is an important part of virtually any business. At Harvest, Zendesk is our secret weapon for delivering extraordinary support to our customers. Zendesk lets us manage all of our incoming support tickets, and respond at record speed (our average response time hovers around 6 minutes!).

Many businesses, like ours, care about tracking time for various tasks throughout the day. Customer service is no exception. On the support front, these businesses may find it useful to track time on each support ticket and know exactly how much time was spent on each client. This is incredibly useful for making informed decisions about a team’s support resources.

We’ve built an integration with Zendesk for doing just that. Now you can track time from your help desk effortlessly, and understand where the time is going with Harvest for Zendesk.

In case you missed it from the video, here are the highlights:

  • One-Click Time Tracking – Start a Harvest timer from your Zendesk ticket in seconds. Ticket numbers appear in your task notes for added context.
  • Smart Project and Task Selection – Harvest for Zendesk matches your open ticket with its related project and task automatically. It’s the smarter, faster way to track time.
  • Detailed Time Reporting – Simply open a ticket to understand total time spent in resolution. Make informed decisions with insight into how much time your support team logs for each client.

Learn more and get started by visiting our Harvest for Zendesk page. We hope this Harvest integration gives you better insight into your help desk. As always, feel free to reach out to us with any feedback!

RightSignature: Browser-based Customer Signatures

RightSignature is a service that allows your clients to physically sign off on documents they receive by email.  Using RightSignature in combination with Harvest, your customers will be able to sign off on and approve invoices directly through their web browser, signing their signature with their mouse or finger (on an iPhone or iPad).  Here’s how it works:

“We’re thrilled to announce the RightSignature-Harvest integration,” says Daryl Bernstein, RightSignature CEO, “This is a perfect example of the power of cloud software. Now businesses everywhere can use these two elegant web applications together to track time, create invoices, and send documents for signature … all online with a few clicks.”

The new RightSignature-Harvest integration enables you to send contracts, forms, and estimates to your Harvest contacts for legally-binding signature online. While preparing a document or reusable template for sending, you begin typing a party’s name, and RightSignature automatically displays possible contact matches from your Harvest account.

Additionally, you can send Harvest invoices for signature from inside RightSignature. Simply click the Harvest button on the Send screen to access a listing of your Harvest invoices.  Head over to RightSignature and sign up for an account to test out this new integration today!

ZenCash: Make peace with invoicing

Business owners, gather in close. I’ve got a question for you: what do you hate most about running your business? Yeah, okay, tax time ranks up there, but I’ll bet you that “managing accounts receivable” is high on that list as well. Sometimes “managing accounts receivables” means sending a gentle reminder note about an outstanding invoice, sometimes it means sending a thank you for prompt payment. Sometimes it means a phone call. Regardless of what stage you’re at in managing your client relationship, ZenCash can help.

ZenCash Actions timeline

ZenCash is a service that helps small businesses say thanks to customers who pay on time and follow up with customers who don’t.

With ZenCash, you link up your Harvest account and it will grab a copy of your invoices. You can then set up an actions timeline to have ZenCash automatically send thank you notes and reminders at various stages. Have all of your reminders been ignored? ZenCash has you covered there as well; they’ve even partnered with a third party collections agency, if it comes to that.

Harvest + ScrumDo = agile project management with great reporting

For the latest documentation on the ScrumDo integration, please refer to their Help Center.

ScrumDo MascottDoes Planning Poker sound like the perfect way to spend a Friday night? Love writing stories and epic stories?  How ’bout those burn up charts?  Find yourself working in iterations?

If you’re not scratching your head right now wondering what any of this has to do with projects and time tracking, it’s probably because you’re using (or have used) the Scrum methodology for managing your projects.  If that’s the case, then we’ve got some great news for you: ScrumDo is now integrated with Harvest, allowing you to track and report on the time you’re spending on individual stories.

In addition to offering a really reasonably priced hosted option, the folks over at ScrumDo also have an open-source fork of ScrumDo available if you’re more of the do-it-yourself type.