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Posts by Jonathan Lane:

Harvest Playback, January 13th Edition

Yikes, Friday the 13th! No point dwelling on it though, let’s all enjoy another dose of TGIF and sit back for another Harvest Playback. Here’s a look at what’s made the news in Co-op and what we’ve accomplished for the week:

Ms. Sarah Haas joined the team this week as our Account Manager. Welcome Sarah! We pushed out our 2011 retrospective looking at all that happened in 2011. We published a pair of blog posts with time saving tips for your commute and for meetings. We did some software upgrades to help with performance and security. We posted about an excellent new Harvest integration, Harvest4Clients that was posted to GitHub. And finally, we sent out invitations for our Harvest Happy Hour (Seattle) event at the end of the month. If you’re in the area, join us!

But what would Friday be without a little fun?  Submitted for your enjoyment:

Hope you all have a great weekend! See you next week.

Harvest4Clients – Keep your clients informed

I’m really excited to be writing this blog post! In support, one of the common feature requests we get is for a Harvest client log in: a place where you can direct your clients to go to view their invoices and any uninvoiced time on their projects.

One our our customers, Jeroen Kenters of Jeroen Kenters Web Development has taken the time to build just that using PHP (no database required!) and the Harvest API, and he’s made it open source – so you’re free to install it and tweak it however you like.  Harvest4Clients is dead simple to configure and use. Instead of having me go on and on about it though, why not check out a demo?

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Harvest Playback, January 6th Edition

It’s a new year! We hope that everybody had a great holiday season and that you’re as excited about 2012 as we are! We’ve got some great things planned for the coming year!

After returning from a short break, we’ve been focussed on catching up with any questions and bugs that were reported to us. Naama had an epiphany while on holidays, and put out the rallying cry to Demand Better!  The billing overhaul went very smoothly and we’ve been tweaking a few odds and ends on that front.  We discovered a minor bug with our iOS app when the New Year hit (with Expenses), and a new version has been sent to Apple for approval. We also launched a new Twitter Contest for the month of January – Time Saving Tuesdays where you can tweet your best productivity tips for a chance to win some great prizes.

It hasn’t been all business around the office though, we have had some great chats on Co-op:

  • Patrick has relocated to Texas for the next few weeks, despite the lack (so far) of winter weather in New York.
  • Shawn made a quick trip back to New York over the holidays to welcome a new member to his family (and ours).  Welcome Nico! Even though Shawn is off spending some time with little Nico, he’s still watching over us at Harvest HQ. (thanks Lettini and PillowMob)
  • Sri has suggested that maybe all of this talk of productivity is overrated. In the near future, we’ll do all of our goofing off while hidden by a time cloak.
  • Warwick has been busy digging up some wonderful delicacies for us to sample at the next Harvest Summit.  I’m going to try out Casu Marzu if Warwick tries some Hákarl (I’ll report back if I survive the experience).
  • It’s Doug’s birthday today!  Happy birthday Doug!

Happy New Year everyone!

Time Tracking over the Holidays (Support Hours)

Some of us consider this the holiday season, but others are working overtime in December. We here at Harvest would like to give you a heads up as to what to expect between December 22nd, 2011 and January 3rd, 2012. We’re planning to take some time off to spend with our loved ones and we’ll be providing support via email only during that time. One or two of our elves at Harvest HQ will be manning support during our regular hours to ensure that everyone who receives the gift of Harvest this holiday season will get the help that they need.

Santa and his elves are hard at work -- mostly focused on the "Nice List" project, although the naughty list has seen some time logged.

Whether you’re planning on tracking your time against that very important project with a December 26th deadline, or on the relaxing by the fire with a book task, we’ve got you covered! Although I’m sure I won’t be the last to say it, thank you all for using Harvest in 2011.  Have a great (and safe) holiday season, and we’re looking forward to working with you through 2012 and beyond!

Changes to the Harvest Forum and How To Make Feature Requests

We’ve been taking a behind-the-scenes look at the way we handle customer service interactions at Harvest, and we’re currently looking a bit deeper at how we receive feature requests. Earlier this year, we launched Help 2.0, aimed to improve the way you find answers to your questions (and the response has been great).  We’ve also been hard at work on continually improving how we deal with bug reports — in terms of getting them reported and dealt with quickly.

Now we’re turning our focus to feature requests – we get dozens of them each week. These requests come in through various channels, like Twitter, over the phone, by email, and through the Harvest ForumWe take feature requests very seriously and strive to keep an accurate count of how many people have asked for something, what exactly their use case is, and how we can get in touch with them (so that we can ask further questions as we begin to develop a feature, and to let folks know when their request has been realized as a brand new, working feature).

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