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Posts by Matthew Lettini:

Jump to Harvest’s Project Analysis from your Forecast Schedule

Today in Forecast we are adding a quick link for you to jump from your schedule to Harvest’s Project Analysis page.

The Edit button on expanded project rows will now be replaced with the project’s Actions menu. For all Harvest-connected projects, a new action to “View in Harvest” will be present.


Now you can easily stay on top of your project’s progress as you’re scheduling. We think you’ll find this link helpful as you use our upcoming Harvest + Forecast integration!

Bonus: Update your project notes in Forecast often? Now you can click the notes icon on a project row to edit them immediately!

Assign Company-Wide Holidays and Closings in Forecast

Harvest HQ is closed for a holiday nine times in 2015, and we also host two week-long company-wide summits throughout the year. We know that you have your own company-wide holidays, closings, outings, and summits, and we want to make those easier to manage when scheduling your projects.

Now in Harvest Forecast, instead of tediously assigning Time Off for each person individually, we’re introducing a much simpler way to mark these days off for your entire company.

Previously, assigning time off for everyone would mean a separate row for every person, which could fill your entire screen with noise for just one holiday. Now, that time off will be rolled up into just one row.


Simply select “Everyone” from the “Assign Person to Project…” option on the Time Off project and assign the days as you normally would. As always, you can use the Notes field to explain what the Time Off is for. And this company-wide assignment behaves like any other Time Off assignment, showing up in all project rows to help you avoid scheduling projects on these days off.

We hope you enjoy this new feature. If you have any questions or feedback, don’t hesitate to reach out to the team at

New and Improved Harvest Navigation

Today we’re excited to launch a new simple navigation. This new navigation is only one part of a larger effort to make Harvest better for tablets and touch devices, and clear up some usability issues. We’re launching this in preparation for a couple of big updates coming this Fall.

The new navigation is designed with larger click/tap areas, which make it easier to get around within Harvest. The new look is visually simpler and out of the way, allowing you to focus on the important bits below. It also introduces a new Profile Menu (click your profile photo in the upper-right of the new navigation) which offers quick access to your profile, weekly time report, and sign out. Tip: Add a profile photo if you haven’t already.

Note to Administrators: A common support question we hear is where an administrator can change their Account Settings. We’ve made now made Account Settings easier to get to by moving it from under the Manage tab to its new home: the Profile Menu.

Along with the visual updates, the code behind the navigation is much cleaner and lighter. We’re really excited to launch this upgrade. Enjoy, and let us know what you think.

Harvest Android Update: Improved Syncing


Today we’re announcing a significant update for our Free official Harvest Android app, version 1.3. This update brings improved reliability with your Android phone syncing to your online Harvest account.

We launched our Android app in March of this year. This summer we overhauled the entire syncing engine in our iPhone app with brand new API calls, and now we’ve brought these new API calls to our Android app. They are a much more efficient and reliable way to sync time and expenses on your phone, even on-the-go!

Along with the reliability updates, this version also includes some new features and other improvements, including:

  • Sync button added to Pending tab
  • Project Codes are now displayed
  • ‘Report Issues’ directly from the options menu
  • Various bug fixes
  • New icon

Enjoy, and let us know how the Harvest Android app is working for you. If you’re running into any phone-specific issues, let us know by writing into support.

Visit Android time tracker to learn more and download this companion app for free.

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Harvest’s New PDF Engine

Update: We’ve now added a Snail-mail Friendly option to move the client address to the left for the envelope window. You can find this option, hide columns, and company logo in a new Appearance tab on the Invoices and Estimates configure pages.

Today we’re announcing a significant upgrade to our invoicing and estimate platforms: a new rendering engine for the PDFs you send to your clients.

The new engine, which is built with wkhtmltopdf and Liquid-based templates, renders PDFs based on HTML and CSS. This is really exciting, because it allows us to use more flexible and simple code to create them. This means we can have the exact same code for invoice and estimate PDFs as we have in the app, which means they now have the same design and options.

What’s New

Implementing this allowed us to make some other features available on Invoices and Estimates:

  • PDFs now have the page number at the bottom (and an option to translate).
  • You can now hide the type, quantity, and/or unit prices columns.
  • If you have a company logo uploaded, but still want your invoice to say “Invoice” on the page, you now have this option. You can turn it on where you uploaded your company logo in the configure section, and then change the title in translations (i.e. – you’d rather have “Tax Invoice”). The same applies for estimates.
  • We’ve added quick access to your Web Invoices and Web Estimates.
  • The new PDF engine is also able to render many more languages. See an example of some languages below:

The biggest win is that we now have the flexibility we need for adding features to our invoices and estimates in the future. Any change will automatically work in the app and as a PDF.

We hope this new PDF engine makes your Harvest experience even better.

Quality Assured, Since 2006

Among the many principles we abide by at Harvest, one of the most valued for our product is Quality Over Quantity. All of the features and updates we deploy at Harvest go through rigorous quality assurance testing, and every Harvester participates. And we deploy a lot. Using the product ourselves assures that we are releasing a feature that is easy and accessible for our users, as well as catching and fixing any bugs that may have creeped into the code.

After the last few rounds of QA testing, we felt we needed to induct our quality assurance testing into Harvest history and celebrate our love for our product. And what better way than with more Harvest T-shirts!

Thanks to our internal illustrator, Kim Ku, for the drawing of the tractor – an idea we’ve been experimenting with lately. Another thanks to the font designer, Simon Walker, for donating his wonderful font Matchbook.

Harvest iPhone Update: Improved Syncing

Update: We’re excited to announce that the latest version of our Harvest iPhone app, v1.4, has been released. This version includes a bug fix for syncing expense receipts, and will also backup your receipt photos to your iPhone. You can find it in the App Store on your iPhone.


Today we’re announcing a significant update for our Free official Harvest iPhone app, version 1.3. You can find it in the App Store on your iPhone.

Improved Syncing Reliability

Version 1.3 brings improved reliability with the iPhone syncing to your online Harvest account. Being one of the first to bring offline syncing to time tracking, we’ve now made it even better. The previous code ran into a number of issues during sync, so we decided to overhaul the entire syncing engine. This overhaul includes the removal of 1000+ lines on code in favor of a brand new set of API calls for much more efficient and reliable syncing (these calls will soon be exposed to all API developers and integrations).

Tracking time and expenses on-the-go should be smoother than ever. As an added bonus, the new API calls now allow us to include conflict messages when a sync doesn’t work exactly as planned, so you know exactly what happened:

Other Features

Along with the reliability updates, this version also includes some new features and other improvements, including:

  • You can now create clients, projects, and tasks right from the app
  • A ‘Jump to Today’ button if you go to another day in Timesheets
  • A ‘Jump to this Week’ button if you go to another week in Expenses
  • Project Codes are now displayed
  • Increased font sizes on all inputs
  • Various bug fixes
  • New icon

Enjoy, and let us know how the Harvest iPhone app is helping your business. As always, let us know how we can make it even better.

The Harvest iPhone app allows iPhone users (with iOS 4) to track time and expenses on-the-go, with or without a network connection. You can start and stop task timers, add duration and notes, and upload expense receipts right from your iPhone. Learn more about iPhone Time Tracking.

The New Uninvoiced Report

We’re excited to announce the release of one of the most requested features in Harvest: the Uninvoiced Report! This new report will help you catch any missed invoicing opportunities, and will significantly speed up the invoicing process. Here’s a quick video to explain how it all works:

Invoice Faster

The goal of this report is simple and straightforward. It allows you to quickly scan and find all the outstanding, unbilled amounts for each client and project. You can view the amount by month, quarter or year; and each client has an “Invoice” button – click it to create an invoice for the selected timeframe. If your account has rounding turned on, this report will automatically round the hours according to how you configure it.

Here are some other features we’ve added to enhance the Uninvoiced Report:

  • Check the Active Projects Only box to hide any archived projects
  • Uninvoiced Hour and Expense amounts generate detailed reports
  • You can Export this report to Excel or CSV

We hope the Uninvoiced Report helps your business stay on top of its numbers and get paid faster for all of your hard work. Thank you for your continued support and helpful feedback, and we look forward to hearing from you!

The New Detailed Time Report – Faster and More Precise

Last month, we revealed the new Harvest Time Report, and since then, we’ve continued working on updates to the other sections of Harvest Reports. Today, we’re launching the new Detailed Time Report. It’s faster and more precise, enabling you to easily create the exact reports you need. Take a look:

Find What You Need

We’ve added new input filters that make it so you can quickly choose what to include in your report. Simply start typing what you’re searching for and results will appear instantaneously. You can also select multiple items for the same category. Want to see a report for your two most tracked Tasks? This is now possible with the new filters.
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Keep Calm and Track Time

Recently Mike Hartwell of {e} house studio wrote into Harvest Support with an interesting dilemma:

It seems to be a constant struggle for me to remember to enter our hours into Harvest. Now, I’m sure that I could go into my google calendar and set a reminder for myself, but I’m sure I would just x it out. As more of a visual style learning person, I would love to be able to throw a nice size poster of your “time is money. track it wisely” graphic on the wall staring me in the face reminding me to enter my time into Harvest. So, I’m writing to find out if a poster like this exists, if so can I buy it, if not, can you suggest an alternative solution?

As a designer myself, I loved the idea, and so began a quick side project. What started as a simple printable design has now become a full blown Harvest poster available for purchase!

(Yep, this is a parody on the Keep Calm and Carry On poster)

If you think you a need a giant orange poster reminding you to track time, you can purchase one here. There is no markup on this poster – we are not profiting from it, just providing it at-cost to our community. We recommend not going any larger than the Large size (22.6″ x 32.0″). If you get one, be sure to share a pic in the comments!

If you would like to print the poster yourself, download a hi-res version here.