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Posts by Samara Strauss:

Help 2.0: The New Harvest Support

We’re ready to unveil our shiny, new Harvest Support! We’ve added a whole lot of content, changed the layout, and incorporated a fast and efficient instant search.  Here’s a peek:

Take it for a spin, and read on to find out more about the specifics of what we’ve done.

Why the Redesign?

We love talking to our customers, but we understand that it’s more convenient for you to find answers to your questions through a support section. Our old Help & Support was full of useful information, but it was hard to scan, and some of the content was outdated. We wanted our support section to be easy to use, so you could get what you need and move on with your day.

The new section has been dubbed Harvest Support, and it’s divided into three main parts: the Help Center, the Forum, and a Contact Support form. Help Center is where you’ll find our updated and new help content, reorganized and easily searchable with our fast instant search.

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What Makes a Good Help Section?

One of our next big projects is to improve the Harvest Help & Support section.  The current FAQ format has served us well, but the section became unruly as Harvest expanded and help content accumulated.  My next project is to take the additional information we’ve gained and redesign “Harvest Help.”  To prepare, I’ve been researching other websites’ help sections.  Regardless of website scope, there were some notable similarities in what was effective.  A good help section should follow these rules:

1. Be easy to scan– Easy-to-scan information encourages people to read instead of immediately contacting customer service or leaving the site altogether. Some things that increase scannability include:

  • Icons
  • Brief headings
  • Bolded words
  • Avoiding long menus or questions
  • Collapsing information

Shopify incorporates all five of these points.

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