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Posts by Sri Vemuri:

Time Tracking in Asana, Powered by Harvest

Asana is a shared task list for teams to get things done. We’re excited to announce that you can now track time on tasks right from the application. This means that it’s no longer necessary to switch between two apps as you work. All of your tasks are more easily managed from one place: Asana.

Harvest time tracking for Asana

To get started:

  1. Activate Harvest under the Apps tab in Account Settings from your Asana account.
  2. Turn it on for the entire team under the Advanced tab in Team Settings.
  3. Simply click on the new Harvest stopwatch found within each task in Asana to start tracking time. Once you select a project and task, Harvest remembers them so you don’t have to hassle when you start the same timer again.

And that’s it. The name of the task from Asana is automatically pulled into the Notes field of the timer for context. In your Harvest timesheet, the time entry includes a link to the task in Asana for easy access. For more information visit Asana’s guide on the integration, and start tracking time right from your task list.

Not an Asana user yet? Learn more about Asana and create a free or premium account!

Track Client Invoice Views and Eliminate the Suspense

Clients can have a knack for suspense, especially the times after an invoice is sent. You’re left in the dark with little or no insight into whether they’ve seen an invoice. We’ve made things less theatrical by eliminating the detective work. Now you can tell exactly when clients view the Harvest Web Invoice in their browser.

Every time the client views the invoice via his/her unique Web Invoice link, the corresponding date and time appear under Invoice History for your eyes only.

Invoice Views

Of course, you can still view the Web Invoice and not be mistaken for your client– just make sure you’re signed in to your Harvest account before doing so. We hope this feature helps you communicate with your clients better and ultimately gets you paid. Let us know if you have any feedback!

Handmade: Knife Making in Brooklyn

I’m in awe whenever I come across a physical object that’s been made by hand. I’ll often pick up the piece and study it, like a work of art. It’s easy to forget to appreciate handicraft, especially if your days are spent building for the digital world.

That’s why it was a pleasant surprise to hear about Brooklyn based Joel Bukeiwicz, a professional knife maker (not far from Harvest HQ) who does all his work by hand. Joel is one of only a handful of knife makers in the country to practice this art form. You can watch the video from Made by Hand below, or read on to learn more about Joel and his story.

Joel came to knife making from the unrelated craft of writing. After having a hard time selling his manuscript, he decided to take a 3 month hiatus from writing. He fed his desire to create by building physical objects — bookshelves, tables. Anything. For Joel, creating tangible things was a breath of fresh air. He eventually came to knife making and quickly became passionate about it.

After toiling in the shop for two years, Joel came away competent of his craft. He now sells handmade cutlery to fine chefs in Brooklyn and beyond out of Cut Brooklyn. Each knife gets 15 hours of attention, versus your high-end German knife which takes 10 robots, 15 minutes to spit off the line.

Cut Brooklyn’s mission is to make every knife the very best knife they’ve ever made. As Joel learns and iterates, the quality of the knives improve. This human element makes every piece unique and brilliant. It’s this level of care and attention to detail that we admire as software builders, and it’s why I continue to pick up the pieces made by hand.

Track Finances Better with inDinero and Harvest

Great news! Harvest now integrates with inDinero, an online accounting solution for small businesses. inDinero makes it easy for businesses to track their finances and understand their money. By downloading data across financial accounts, inDinero produces the vital information of any business – where money is going, where money is coming from, and how much money is on hand.

With inDinero, business owners have a real time financial dashboard without the daily manual entry. No more shoeboxes; no more spreadsheets.

Cash Balance View

When you link your Harvest account to inDinero, inDinero will pull all invoices you have entered as well as all expenses in any projects. Every time you login to inDinero, your Harvest information will be updated automatically. You can link Harvest with your inDinero account by choosing Harvest from the “Web Apps” section. If your business isn’t on inDinero yet, you can signup for an inDinero account, and get started on tracking your finances easily today.

Developers: Want to build your own integrations to Harvest? Check out the Harvest API!

Resources for Small Business – Guides, Templates, and More!

Since January of this year, we’ve curated and shared #workbetter articles via @harvest on twitter. The goal was to provide you with the very best advice for growing your business. We’re expanding on our lofty goal by sharing our own knowledge and tools geared towards helping you work better. You can find what we crafted over at the new Resources Section, or read on for a quick tour of the section.

Harvest Guides -We’ve started to distill down conversations we’ve had with team leaders, who use Harvest every workday. From these conversations we’ve assembled a series of Harvest Guides that cover how small business owners and project managers can get started with team time tracking, and how to get the most out of it. For example, our Time Tracking for Project Managers Guide will walk you through how to use reports in Harvest to better allocate time on future projects.

Free Templates – We love our in-app timesheets and invoices. They are impeccably designed and powerful. However, for your friends and like-minded strangers who are completely new to tracking time, or are looking for a basic invoice, we’ve created simple, editable versions of both. As an example, our Daily Timesheet template is ready to download and print, and is structured to help you keep track of your day in 15 minute increments. Track time this way for a few weeks, and you’ll have a much better picture of where your time is going. Our Invoice template also comes ready to be filled out, and looks professional. Most of the templates are already available in PDF or Google Docs. If you’re trying to hook your friends on the benefits of time tracking or automated invoicing, the free templates can be their gateway drug.

Webinar Series – Our Getting Started with Harvest Webinar Series covers the basics of Harvest’s core features including time tracking, invoicing, and reporting. The series has been popular, so we’re giving it a permanent home. You can learn more about the series, sign up, and share pre-recorded Webinar clips with your friends or colleagues to get them started with Harvest. Down the road, we’ll be expanding the Webinar Series to include integration tutorials and more.

As we continue adding to the new Resources section, we’d love to hear feedback from you. What else would you like to see? What are you reading or using right now to improve the way you work? If you’re using Harvest to work more effectively, we’d love to know your thoughts, let us know!

Sync Harvest Timesheets and Invoices with Quickbooks Online

Good news for Quickbooks Online and Harvest users! You can now sync Quickbooks Online with Harvest using Syncr. The connector will sync your timesheets, invoices, clients, people, and projects data between Harvest and your Quickbooks Online account.

Sync Harvest Timesheets Invoices with Quickbooks Online

If there are duplicate entries between Quickbooks and Harvest, you’ll be notified. You can even set the sync to occur at a given frequency (i.e daily, monthly).  The connector is built by a third-party company called Mutually Human and costs $99/month. Learn more at Syncr HQ.

Using Quickbooks for Windows? You can easily export timesheets from Harvest into Quickbooks for Windows from within your Harvest account. For more information visit our Help Center.

Ladies Learning Rails

Earlier this month, we hosted our very first RailsBridge workshop at Harvest HQ. The event focused on offering a full day of introductory Rails lessons for mostly women who have little to no experience with coding. By the end of the workshop, participants had built their own mini web applications from scratch and published them online.

Railsbridge at Harvest
Continue reading…

Giving Back: It’s a Wrap!

To commemorate our 5th birthday last month, we chose to give back by donating money to several charities on behalf of the Harvest community. As part of our 10-day effort, customers who opted-in selected one of three charities and started tracking time towards a cause. Participants contributed an astounding 61,678 hours. Every hour tracked translated into vaccines, books, and clean water for thousands of people around the world.

Thanks to your tracked time, Harvest is providing:

    • 1,678 books for children’s literacy programs via Room to Read
  • 159 people with access to clean water through water wells constructed by charity: water

If you missed the program, or if you’re feeling generous, you can follow the links to donate directly.

Thank you for participating in this effort, and for being a part of the Harvest community. We’d be nowhere without the support of our amazing customers, and we’re looking forward to celebrating many more birthdays with you!

Get the Scoop on Unofficial SXSW Events with Sched!

There were 7,500+ events held at SXSW last year, and about half of them were unofficial. That’s a lot of action off the beaten path to keep track of.

Taylor McKnight (co-founder of HypeMachine) teamed up with other superfans of the conference, and set out to build a user-driven app allowing users to submit official/unofficial events and instantly access the list anywhere – via the web, mobile, ipad, ical, and print.

The Sched SXSW app was a hit at last year’s conference and now it’s back for SXSW 2011. You can check out what events are popular amongst other users including your friends, and create your own tailored schedule. This is a great way to keep track of all events going down in Austin, inside and outside the convention center. Our own SXSW team found it handy last year, so we decided to sponsor the app and help get the word out.

If you are heading to the friendly state of Texas for SXSW, give Sched a go! And don’t forget to check out the Harvest events listed on Sunday, March 13th, like R&R with the Harvest Team – we can’t wait to see you down there.

Use PayPal Website Payments Pro? Signature Authentication Now Available

We recently added signature authentication for Harvesters who accept online payments using PayPal Website Payments Pro (WPP). Previously you could only connect Harvest with your PayPal WPP account using a downloadable certificate. Now you can link the two with a signature. Both options are PayPal SSL encrypted and secure.

If you would like to switch from certificate to signature authentication (and vice versa) simply change the settings in your PayPal and Harvest account. Visit our help section to learn more about setting up PayPal Website Payments Pro for online invoicing.