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Posts by Sri Vemuri:

Harvest Community Polls – How Do You Work?

Over the last 3 weeks we’ve been engaging the Harvest Twitter community with a weekly question related to how they work. We thought it could be interesting to not only understand how others work, but also to reflect on each other’s work habits. Looking forward, we may even be able to learn a thing or two from each other, to adopt better practices for our workflow. Continue reading…

AkaCRM Releases Harvest for Salesforce Application

Harvest users can now take advantage of AkaCRM’s integration with Salesforce, available for free through their site.

Here’s how it works: Using Harvest2Salesforce Connector, add projects in Salesforce the same way you add projects in Harvest. After adding the project in both applications,  you can track time as usual in Harvest under that project.

When you sync the Salesforce application with Harvest, your team’s time entries will now appear under the appropriate project in Salesforce. Additionally you can view reporting figures, like invoiced and uninvoiced hours, and your project’s budget within Salesforce.

Check out the video and the application, and thanks to AkaCRM for making an integration that is relevant to our Harvest users!

Harvest at Startup Weekend NYC!

Startup Weekend NYC took over New Work City earlier this month, right around the corner from Harvest HQ, and we were thrilled to sponsor the event. We swung by during the weekend to check out the action and energy of the busy local entrepreneurs participating, and we’d like to share some of the highlights.

Continue reading…

Harvest From Your Inbox with Google Apps

Back in June we launched Harvest for Google Apps. One of the most interesting things about this integration is our contextual gadget for Gmail. Contextual gadgets provide a powerful way for applications to display relevant functionality to an email recipient based on the subject or content of the email.

In our case, a timesheet reminder email triggers a timesheet to be displayed right below the email. Recipients can then quickly enter and submit their timesheet without leaving Gmail.

Today we’re delighted to mention that Google is featuring this integration on their Enterprise Blog as part of their effort in spreading awareness about the powers of contextual gadgets. Check out the post to learn more about this and other contextual gadget integrations. Google is also hosting a webinar on these types of integrations on Wednesday, September 8th.

In case you missed it, here’s a quick recap on how Harvest works with Google Apps:

1) Enter and submit your timesheets directly in Gmail
2) Export timesheet reports from Harvest into Google Docs
3) Sign in to your Harvest account automatically with Google Apps

It’s been a successful launch and we look forward to working with Google to make it even better in the future!