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Get Paid Faster, Part III – Introducing PayPal Business Payments

Yesterday, PayPal introduced a new product called PayPal Business Payments, and Harvest is proud to be a launch partner for this new product. This is a new, fast and secure method for sending and receiving payments for the lowest possible rate out there: a flat 50 cent fee.  Harvest customers can take advantage of this new pricing for their account now.

Just 50 Cents?

The most compelling reason to use Business Payments is that you will now pay only a flat $0.50 per transaction for the payments you collect with PayPal. As a small business charging hundreds or thousands of dollars per invoice, a flat transaction fee to collect payment online is a welcome change from fees that usually take a percentage of the payment. This simple pricing ensures that you keep most of your invoiced amount while paying a truly small amount to PayPal in the process. For example, it doesn’t matter if your invoice is $900 or $9000, your fee to PayPal will still be just only a flat $0.50.

Note: Business Payments require the sender of the payment (your clients) to have a PayPal account and have their account linked to their bank account. Also, PayPal Business Payments is currently only available for US customers receiving payments domestically.

How To Activate

Just head over to your Invoices > Configure > Online Payments section and select the new Business Payments option now available for PayPal. That’s all there is to it! Give it a try and let us know what you think.

This wraps up our series on Getting You Paid Faster.  If you missed our other features, you can read about our other new features that get you paid twice as fast via web invoicing.

AkaCRM Releases Harvest for Salesforce Application

Harvest users can now take advantage of AkaCRM’s integration with Salesforce, available for free through their site.

Here’s how it works: Using Harvest2Salesforce Connector, add projects in Salesforce the same way you add projects in Harvest. After adding the project in both applications,  you can track time as usual in Harvest under that project.

When you sync the Salesforce application with Harvest, your team’s time entries will now appear under the appropriate project in Salesforce. Additionally you can view reporting figures, like invoiced and uninvoiced hours, and your project’s budget within Salesforce.

Check out the video and the application, and thanks to AkaCRM for making an integration that is relevant to our Harvest users!

Cloud Tools Working Together – Outright Integrates With Harvest

UPDATE: Outright was acquired by Go Daddy in July of 2012.

We are excited to announce that Harvest now works with Outright, an online bookkeeping and accounting tool. is a leading provider of online financial management for the self-employed. Created by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs, Outright’s goal is to keep financial recordkeeping and management as simple as possible.

outright-time-tracking-integrationWhen it comes to bookkeeping, convenience is key to keeping your records up-to-date. With Outright and Harvest working together, you can now seamlessly pull your invoices from Harvest into Outright. Best of all, once you are set up, everything is automated so your Harvest invoices will automagically appear in Outright, updated on a daily basis.

With invoices recorded in your Outright account, you can take full advantage of Outright features, including reports on income, taxes, and profit & loss.

Outright users can enable the integration right away by clicking on the Harvest icon in the “Add an Account” page. If you’re a Harvest user without an Outright account, you can take advantage of this new integration by signing up for free.

We’re excited to add Outright to our list of partners in the cloud and we look forward to continuing helping small businesses by working together with others.

Harvest From Your Inbox with Google Apps

Back in June we launched Harvest for Google Apps. One of the most interesting things about this integration is our contextual gadget for Gmail. Contextual gadgets provide a powerful way for applications to display relevant functionality to an email recipient based on the subject or content of the email.

In our case, a timesheet reminder email triggers a timesheet to be displayed right below the email. Recipients can then quickly enter and submit their timesheet without leaving Gmail.

Today we’re delighted to mention that Google is featuring this integration on their Enterprise Blog as part of their effort in spreading awareness about the powers of contextual gadgets. Check out the post to learn more about this and other contextual gadget integrations. Google is also hosting a webinar on these types of integrations on Wednesday, September 8th.

In case you missed it, here’s a quick recap on how Harvest works with Google Apps:

1) Enter and submit your timesheets directly in Gmail
2) Export timesheet reports from Harvest into Google Docs
3) Sign in to your Harvest account automatically with Google Apps

It’s been a successful launch and we look forward to working with Google to make it even better in the future!

Existing Harvest Customers Can Now Utilize Google Apps Integration

We’re excited to announce that we’re now able to bring all of the benefits of our Google Apps integration to our existing customers!

You can read the full description of the Harvest Google Apps integration on our previous blog post about it, but here are the highlights:

  • Single sign on for all employees via their Google Accounts
  • Submit timesheets directly from Gmail
  • Export timesheet reports into Google Docs
  • Get Quick links to Harvest in relevant emails

The installation process is much the same as what we outlined previously for new customers, and you can watch the video to get an idea of what the the signup process, and the overall integration, will look like.

To enable your Google Apps integration, go to the Harvest Google Marketplace Page, and click Add it now.  Enter your Google domain information, and you will be led through the integration setup process from there.

A few things to note:

  • Once you sign up, anyone who is on your Google Apps domain and has a Harvest user account will automatically have the Google Apps integration enabled.
  • During the setup process, you’ll be prompted to import new users from Google to Harvest, which will allow you to create new Harvest users from your Google users.

We’re thrilled to expand our Harvest Google Apps integration, and as always, don’t hesitate to share your feedback and suggestions with us.

Harvested, a New Ruby API wrapper

For you developers out there, Harvest user Zach Moazeni has released a Harvested, which is a new Ruby API wrapper.

We’re delighted to see the creative and imaginative ways our customers are making Harvest work for them, please let us know if you have created a Harvest integration you’d like to share!

Harvest Report Integration with Drupal

UPDATE: ImageX Media just posted more information about the integration with Harvest and Drupal, and how to track projects and receive daily notifications.

ImageX Media has utilized the Harvest API, to allow you to integrate Harvest with Drupal, a popular open source content management system.  A few typical use cases  include:

  • Create customized reports to display Harvest project data and share with team members and/or clients
  • Keep your clients up to date on how many hours your team has spent on their project and on what tasks
  • Remind your project team with regular updates on the project budget status
  • Automatically generate time reports for contractors to add to their invoices

Hope this will be useful for all of you Drupal users!

Teaspiller Add-on Helps You With Your Taxes

UPDATE: Teaspiller was acquired by Intuit and is now known as TurboTax CPA Select.

As tax season swings into full effect here in the U.S., we have a timely Harvest add-on to share with you. Teaspiller is a new service which helps you get your taxes done quickly and easily by a certified tax expert.

With your invoices and business expenses already tracked in Harvest, it’s easy to export your numbers and get things rolling with a a tax expert. Here’s a brief video demonstrating the seamless integration with Harvest:

Teaspiller allows you to choose your own price for a tax expert (based on your specific needs: user reviews, experience, industry specialties), enter you basic tax information online, and then get unlimited support from a certified tax expert to make sure you’re maximizing all those Harvest expenses. Visit for more information.