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Time Saving Tuesdays And Your Commute

We’re excited to announce our winners from last week’s Time Saving Tuesday contest, and to fill you in on this week’s contest and prizes.

LAST WEEK’S CONTEST: We asked you to send your best time saving tips for making meetings more efficient. We got many great submissions (thank you all for Tweeting your suggestions!) and we assembled a blog post of Quick Time Saving Tips For Meetings, incorporating several of the best responses. The winner of the set of 8 colorful and lovely “You’re Very, Very Late” tattoos is @svpino, who tweeted this: If you want to keep your meetings short, get rid of chairs / coffee / donuts. #respectyourtime

We have to mention that we got a suggestion from @fulljames that tickled us: I want to get a TIM (Time Is Money) clock to show how much our meetings are costing. #respectyourtime

We thought that was a great suggestion (in addition, of course, to checking your Harvest time reports!), and we thought we’d make his day by sending him the TIM clock – congratulations to both Santiago and Stephen!

THIS WEEK’S CONTEST: We want your best time saving tips and tricks for your commute. Most of us have to leave the house to get to work, and we want to know: how do you save time while you’re en route?

Follow @harvest and tweet your best time saving tips for your commute using #respectyourtime. This week’s winner will win this Harvest orange slapwatch from Winky Designs! No longer available on their website, we’ve got one of their last slapwatches here at HQ, just waiting to be scooped up by this week’s winner!

Please share this widely, the more answers we get, the more we can share with you. We can’t wait to hear your tips and tricks!

Welcome To Time Saving Tuesdays

At Harvest, we take time seriously, and we’re constantly looking for new ways to be more efficient. Join us in sharing your best time saving tips, and you may even win a prize for it!

Each Tuesday in January, we’ll be asking a time saving question on Twitter. We’ll be accepting submissions until midnight EST, and we’ll share the best tips and tricks in the next week’s blog post. To sweeten the pot, one lucky winner will score a prize from us.

THIS WEEK’S THEME: We want your best time saving tips and tricks for meetings. Meetings are a notorious time sink. Tell us how you keep your meetings efficient and productive.

Follow @harvest and tweet your best time saving tips for meetings using #respectyourtime. This week’s winner will score a set of 8 colorful and lovely “You’re Very, Very Late” tattoos!

Please share this widely, the more answers we get, the more we can share with you. We can’t wait to hear your tips and tricks!

Harvest Holiday Meetup Recap

Wednesday night we had our Harvest Holiday meetup, and we got to see many friends, family, customers, neighbors, and even one of our New Founders, Kristel, that swung by to Harvest HQ. It was great to meet and re-connect with so many people that rely on Harvest to run their businesses, and a wonderful chance for Harvest customers and the Harvest team to chat with each other. We had food to perk up the rain-soaked masses – savories and sweets were from two local establishments, Soho bakery Oro and Spanish specialty foods supplier Despana, and our drinks master Jae concocted large brews of mulled wine and warm spiced apple cider – yum.

Here are a few pictures of the festivities, and thanks for sharing such a great evening with us! Continue reading…

Harvest Summit – Building Team Culture

Most of our team works out of our New York City office, but we also have team members across North America and Europe. Twice a year, we get everyone together for a week of in-person collaboration. For most of us, so much of our days are spent in the rhythm of work; and the majority of communication happens via email, Co-op, chat and Google hangouts. Our biannual Summits are designed to break up that rhythm and to reclaim the art of face time and in-person collaboration. We believe building great software means not only hiring the best people, but creating the best environment for collaboration. Beyond our products, we’re here to build a company.

During Summit, our team continues to work as usual, but with a few things mixed in. Here’s a sample of what we did at our last Summit in November:

Harvester Patrick Filler presenting a talk entitled “So You Think You Can Open Source”

Tech Talks
Curiosity is one of our core values. We believe not only in the constant pursuit of knowledge, but that it’s important to share what we’re learning with each other. While the talks are technical in nature, everyone in the company is invited to attend (we are a technology company afterall). Knowledge is shared not only for the sake of education but also to gather feedback. In our latest Tech Talks series, we discussed our new and improved approach to billing, an introduction to Chef and learnings from our open source project, Chosen.

Customer Visits
While every Harvester interacts with our customers via email or phone, there’s simply no substitute for visting our customers in person and getting to know what they do. We’re extremely customer focused as a company and we love learning from our customers. This year we visited three of them and you can read more about what we learned here.

♫ Don’t Stop Believin’ ♫
As you can gather from our careers page, we have a very musical group here at Harvest. It’s no coincidence that karaoke is one of our favorite pastimes. With each Summit, our team is bigger and our sessions are more epic.

As this year’s Summit wound down, we’re re-energized for the road ahead. More importantly, we’ve come away with a heightened understanding and appreciation for each other’s craft.

Want to join us on our next Summit? We are always looking for great minds to come along for the ride. :)

Dallis Bros. Teaches Harvest How to Brew the Perfect Cup of Coffee

Yesterday, we were very lucky to have Teresa von Fuchs, coffee & espresso consultant for Dallis Bros. Coffee in Queens, NY, in the office to spend some time with us talking and tasting coffee. A big part of Teresa’s job involves going into the cafes and coffee shops carrying Dallis’s coffee to educate them on preparation, freshness and general coffee know-how. She doesn’t normally do presentations to internet companies, but we asked so nicely that she couldn’t say no.

Teresa started by talking to us about how much work goes into each pound of coffee before it even arrives at their facility for roasting. Farming coffee is a very labor intensive process and each bean goes through human hands more than once. She encouraged us to take our time when preparing coffee and to respect the efforts of the farmers who’ve done so much with the beans.

Next, Teresa brewed three of Dallis’s offerings via two different preparation methods – french press and pour over. Sampling the various methods side-by-side helped us understand the differences in flavor that result from different brewing methods. After an hour with Teresa, she had us considering switching our trusty office coffee maker to a giant french press.
Continue reading…

Uniting New York City’s Technology Companies with Walkabout NYC

After hosting our second Walkabout NYC, an open house for technology companies, just over a week ago, I wanted to share with you why we here at Harvest organize this city-wide event. Harvest has always supported the entrepreneurial spirit (like with our New Founders Program). The goal of Walkabout NYC is simple: to create a connection between the tech companies and the community that surrounds, inspires, and supports them.

Danny Wen and Shawn Liu, the co-founders here at Harvest, have always enjoyed taking tours of creative and entrepreneurial workspaces. No matter what size, they found the spaces always fostered inspirational energy. From forming the company in a tiny shared office to Harvest’s current home in a Soho loft, Danny and Shawn recognize how instrumental those behind-the-scenes experiences were along the way.
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Ladies Learning Rails

Earlier this month, we hosted our very first RailsBridge workshop at Harvest HQ. The event focused on offering a full day of introductory Rails lessons for mostly women who have little to no experience with coding. By the end of the workshop, participants had built their own mini web applications from scratch and published them online.

Railsbridge at Harvest
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Upcoming Webinar: How Harvest Can Help You During Tax Season

As we head into the new year, we recognize that tax season can be very difficult for businesses large and small. Face this tax season confidently by attending a live webinar and Q&A on how to use integrated finance apps that you can find on the Google Apps Marketplace. We’ll be hosting the webinar with Google and leading online financial apps Shoeboxed and Outright.

Harvest, along with Shoeboxed and Outright, will show you how Google Marketplace apps can help you organize your financial documents, streamline invoicing, and aggregate your accounting information. We’ll demonstrate how easy it is to seamlessly manage your accounts payables and receivables through Harvest, and how our contextual gadget in Gmail streamlines invoicing activities.

Please join us on Wednesday, January 26, 2011, 11:00 a.m. PST / 2:00 p.m. EST:
Register now!

Harvest at Startup Weekend NYC!

Startup Weekend NYC took over New Work City earlier this month, right around the corner from Harvest HQ, and we were thrilled to sponsor the event. We swung by during the weekend to check out the action and energy of the busy local entrepreneurs participating, and we’d like to share some of the highlights.

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Harvest Attends BizConf 2010

For the second year in a row, Harvest was pleased to sponsor BizConf, which took place at the Ritz-Carlton, Amelia Island, Florida. With fewer than 100 attendees, there is plenty of opportunity to get to know everyone in attendance, and our own Prime Hacker Barry Hess and Systems Administrator Warwick Poole went down to scope out the scene. The location and food were outstanding (outstanding), but the people were what made BizConf remarkable.

David Allen

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