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Expense Tracking posts:

Improved Locked Timesheet Interaction

Harvest is known for its simple and intuitive timesheet interface. Underneath that simplicity is a layer of fairly complicated business logic. A time entry has several states, and can be locked for different reasons – for example, if a project has been archived, or the hours have been invoiced. Sometimes a locked timesheet needs to be edited, and it used to be a time consuming process to unlock the timesheet to make necessary changes.

Recently, we took a hard look at the underlying rules, and improved many use cases. The biggest interface update that you will notice is that now, administrators can edit locked time and expense entries without having to unlock them.

Administrators will notice that editing locked time and expenses now works just like editing unlocked entries – hover your mouse over a time or expense, and you’ll see the Edit and X buttons. Click Edit to fix discrepancies or mistakes on a locked timesheet, and maintain accuracy across your timesheets, reports, and invoices.

Additionally, we’ve simplified the explanations about locked time and expenses and unified these messages across views, creating a clean interface that helps you understand why your time is locked.

This update will help you make those small but necessary tweaks to your timesheet, and we hope you find it useful!

Introducing Android Time Tracker for Harvest

Mobile devices have come a long way since their heyday as a voice communication device. Beyond helping us connect with friends and family, the smartphone has become a powerful business tool in the palm of our hands.

After we released Harvest for iPhone last year, it came as no surprise that one of the most frequent requests from customers has been for us to create a mobile app for Android. We’ve been paying close attention to the adoption of Android amongst our users and late last year decided that having a great mobile companion for Android was simply too important to not address. We needed to provide the best and most convenient way for our users to access Harvest on the emerging smartphone platform.


With the release of the official Harvest Android time tracker app, Android users can now enjoy the same powerful features available to iPhone users: start and stop timers on the go, enter expenses, and snap photos of receipts to securely send them to your Harvest account.

Now whether the members on your team have iPhones or Android devices, everyone will have access to the important mobile-centric things they might need to do while on the go.

Mobile phones will continue to rapidly evolve in form and function even over the next few months. We are committed to bringing you the best experience with Harvest, especially as the times are a changin’.

Visit Android time tracker to learn more and download this companion app for free.

BONUS: Have a Windows Phone 7? Check out the soon-to-be-released 3rd party app, TimeTractor: Windows Phone 7 Time Tracker

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Upload Expense Receipts in Harvest

We’ve just added the ability to upload your receipts directly on the Harvest Expenses page. Until now, you needed to use the API or the iPhone app to attach receipt images to an expense, which was less than optimal for those of you who don’t use the iPhone app for your expense tracking.

This update to the Expenses page allows you to upload images or PDFs of your receipts, up to 10MB in size. We’ve also added a handy lightbox viewer for seeing your receipts quickly, as well as a link to print receipts right from your browser.

Coming soon, we will be implementing the ability to include receipts with invoices, but we thought we’d let you get first crack at this new development, so that you can get started in uploading your receipts!

We hope this is helpful, and please let us know if you have any feedback – we’re all ears!

Track Time, Log Expenses and Submit Receipts from your iPhone

Our iPhone app has been updated! Get the newest version →

Harvest Time Tracking Expense Tracking iPhone App

Today, we’re excited to announce the arrival of our official Harvest iPhone app to the iTunes App Store.


Harvest for your iPhone allows you to track time and expenses on-the-go, with or without a network connection. Start and stop the task timers or enter durations with notes while you’re on the road.

Need to submit receipts with your expenses? With Harvest for your iPhone, you can snap photos of your receipts and attach them to your expense entries in Harvest. It’s a great way to stay organized.

Hat tip to CrazedCoders (the creators of the Co-op iPhone companion, iCo-op) for helping us launch this app. Enjoy and let us know what you think!

Track Your IRS Business Expenses with Harvest

As a follow-up to our article in June by Harvest user Jennifer about Simplifying Your Estimated Tax Process with Harvest, we’ve got another fine customer who wrote us about a parallel, but different issue: tracking IRS business expenses.

Kevin McGee, a freelance Technology Writer and Content Developer in the Bay Area, was kind enough to share with us his step by step system of using Harvest to record and report his IRS business expenses.

A huge thanks to Kevin for sharing this detailed 3-page rundown with the rest of the Harvest community – it’s available by PDF download, with screenshots and easy-to-follow descriptions.

We love hearing about the innovative ways people are using Harvest to meet their needs, so if you’d like to share a tip from your small business, let us know!

Mark Expenses as Invoiced

A little while back we released a feature for you to mark hours as invoiced – and now you can do the same for expenses.  Just go to Reports > Expense, and on any expense report you’ll see two new buttons: “Mark expenses as invoiced” and “Mark expenses as uninvoiced“.  See screenshot:


When you create an invoice for the expenses, they will automatically be marked as invoiced.  Now you can keep accurate records of outstanding expenses and hours, and tomorrow, with the new Project Status report, you will be able to see all the information at once glance!

New Feature: Unit Pricing for Expenses

A new, useful feature for expenses has been launched today: you can now specify unit price and unit name for each expense category.  If you specify unit pricing, remember to give it a unit name (or it won’t work); and once you add the category, you can track it under Timesheets > Expenses, where you can record how many units you need to track – and Harvest will do the calculation for you.

This is just one of many updates we plan to bring to Expense tracking.  What other changes and improvements would help you and your team manage expenses?

Harvest API Ruby wrapper now available

If you are working or plan on working with the Harvest API and Ruby, we have some great news. An open-sourced Harvest API Ruby wrapper is now available thanks to the kind folks at Alexander Interactive.  This first release of the API wrapper and supports most of the methods in our API.  A big thanks to Kyle Banker at Ai for sharing this with us! If you’re a developer working with the Harvest API, please feel free to check out (or contribute) to this ongoing project.

Harvest Plays Nice With Twitter

We wanted to say ‘Hello’ to all our friends and Twitter followers and let you know that we’ve improved the integration between Harvest and Twitter, and  you are now able to start a timer remotely through Twitter.

It’s simple to stop and start a timer, as well as log expenses from anywhere by texting direct message commands to Harvest through Twitter. You can read all about how this works on our Harvest Twitter page. Now you can access Harvest anywhere you can send a text. We’re always looking to hear your ideas and feedback, so send us a tweet or an email and let us know how you are using Harvest.