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New Founders Program posts:

Made By Two: Illustrator + Industrial Designer = Business Plan

To help companies get on their feet, The Harvest New Founders Program gives one year’s subscription of Harvest time tracking service to a new company each month. Think you might be a good fit for our New Founders Program? Learn more and apply.

Made By Two is a design firm established by Kermit and Azadeh Westergaard, who caught our attention with their interdisciplinary approach to design, from interior design to inventing their own products. We were so impressed with the body of work they had created in such a short amount of time, all while raising a baby boy together, that we just had to know — how did they make this amazing business venture a reality? Kermit and Azadeh chatted with us, and it was a love fest: they expounded on about falling in love with each other, falling in love with eclectic design projects, and falling in love with Harvest to keep them on track of their time and expenses.

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Rubber House: Creative Projects That Generate Commercial Work

Brewing in the heart of Melbourne’s creative hub of Gertrude St Fitzroy is Rubber House, a fresh entry to Australia’s animation scene. Combining the talents of Greg Sharp and Ivan Dixon, Rubber House is busy creating a unique and wild style of animation, illustration and games. The pair joined forces to create this two man hand drawn animation studio, and we got a chance to talk with them about how personal and paid projects can feed into each other, why Flash has a bad name, and tracking time on creative projects to better estimate to future clients.

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SuperMango Media, Combining Code & Comedy

SuperMango Media is an interactive agency specializing in helping funny people strategically brand themselves. By continually evolving, SuperMango Media has been able to nimbly navigate from the idea of a business, to securing funding, to functioning as a profitable company in a short amount of time. We got to chat with founder Dan Allen about his love of comedy, how to set prices, and how Harvest helps them win jobs.

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Cadence, Making Time for Work and Play

Rebecca Bradley and Gage Couch made the leap from their steady paying-great benefits-corporate jobs and struck out on their own with Cadence, a site planning and landscape architecture firm with a big heart and a lot of soul (they even make thank you cards out of their own cereal boxes!).  We got to chat with them about their methods for achieving balance between their professional and personal lives, and how they use Harvest to keep themselves (and their contractors) on budget.

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Beowulf Farms, Using iPhones to Track Time In the Field

Beowulf Farm trains and breeds horse in British Columbia, and co-owners Eric Denhoff and Karin MacMillan wrote us to let us know that since the industry standard equestrian billing software available was not up to snuff for them, they were using Harvest out in the field (literally!) to stay on top of their business.  They told us more about what life is like on the farm, the foods horses go crazy for (you’d be surprised), and how they use Harvest on their iPhones to keep the farm in check.

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Streets United: Turning Extreme Pogo Stick Freestyling into a Viable Business

Like many good ideas, Streets United began as an inspiration over a few beers.  It has grown into a business that is a resource base for street sports, music, art, entertainment, and community programs.  We got to talk with the Streets United crew about extreme pogo stick freestyling, inspiring the youths of Aston Prison through street sports, and how Harvest allows their consultants to take responsibility for their own projects around the globe.

Here’s some of  the startling and diverse street sports they’ve been introducing the world to:

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La Grande Life: Revitalizing a Town by Sharing Resources

La Grande is a small rural community in Eastern Oregon struggling with city and state funding, school programs that are are getting cut, and a downtown that has been ghostly for years. We got to chat with Chris and Mike, the engine behind La Grande Life, about how they are connecting a town with limited resources by way of social word of mouth, so that people can join in on all of the things happening in their own community, and how Harvest keeps them on track for those crucial, but non-billable, hours.

What was the inspiration for starting your company?
Once we got Cold Coffee Media off the ground to give local businesses (and beyond) the most gorgeous and intuitive web presence available, we said “Man, I wish there was a hub for all the cool things going on in our home town of La Grande.  A place where people could find out where the live music is, where the good bike trails are, what movies are playing, who’s teaching a workshop or organizing an event, or sharing their thoughts: and have it be all local, by the people/for the people”.  So we created to be the local social networking hub we wanted to use ourselves. Continue reading…

WPA-2010: Bringing Back Civic Participation

Our latest New Founders, WPA-2010, have looked back to the Depression era to make their own New Deal with the American public.  They are bringing back the WPA (Work Projects Administration) “because the government hasn’t,” and are opening two WPA offices to propel government recovery driven by neighborhoods themselves.  We caught up with Christopher Robbins, one of the masterminds behind this DIY effort, about inspiring change through Venn diagrams and butoh dancers, and why they use Harvest to track their time and stay on task.


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Jesper Bram: The Only Pinstriper in Denmark

This month’s New Founder says he is happier working on cars and motorcycles in garages and fields than he ever was in his 15 years of working in an office as a graphic designer.  Jesper Bram established his Kustom Graphics business in June 2009, and we got to talk with him about what exactly pinstriping is, going with the Arctic Pinheads to the Hot Rod Rock show in Finland, and why time tracking in Harvest is an integral part of his day-to-day business.

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Design Vetica: The Double Lives of High School Entrepreneurs

Design Vetica is an interactive design agency based in Vancouver, British Columbia. The principal players in the company are 16- and 17-year-old high school students, who are juggling client meetings and final exams in order to grow their business.  We talked with David Kim, a partner at Design Vetica, about running their own show, managing their money with Harvest, and what’s next for the fledgling company.

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