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Recruiting posts:

Harvest is Hiring – Spread the Word

Dear Harvest customers and fans,

This quarter, the Harvest Team has spent 3,214 hours on new features, system improvements and customer support. We launched two major features, with three more coming this month. We have also carried out several infrastructure upgrades to make Harvest even faster and more reliable.

But we want to do more. We want to make Harvest an even more useful and powerful service for your business. To do that, we need peoplesmart, talented, humble, and hard-working folks to join a small team that makes a world-class business application. More specifically, we’re looking for two Rails Developers (junior or seasoned), a Ruby Systems Dev, and an Account Manager.

We need your help to spread the word. If you know of any talented folks that fit the bill, please let them know that Harvest is hiring. You can also help by passing the word to your friends and colleagues on Twitter or Facebook. Please help us build our team, and we will make Harvest even better for your business!

Thank you,
Shawn, Harvest Co-Founder

Where Are All the Female Web Designers?

Harvest is growing and we’re looking to bring on some good, talented folks to join our team in New York City. We’re going through the recruiting process and will have a lot of thoughts and observations to share in the coming weeks.

One of the most perplexing question I have so far, as I’m going through all the applications: where are all the female web designers?

This much we know about the web: we (women and men) are banking, chatting, reading and watching movies and television shows on the web; and many of us are doing work through web-based applications, which will sooner or later overtake traditional desktop software. Like it or not, our dependence on the web for our everyday activities will only increase. So, for all the women and men out there: would you be happy to depend on an internet designed mostly by men?

I know I’m not. It disappoints me to see only two out of every twenty job applications from women. I don’t enjoy going to conferences and panels where the speakers are mostly (white) men. I see plenty of female students at design schools, but rarely do I see women web designers at a web agency or start up. Where are all of the female web designers? Why are there more women designers for print than for web? How is our industry’s lack of diversity affecting our ability to design for a diverse audience?