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Harvest iPhone Update: Improved Syncing

Update: We’re excited to announce that the latest version of our Harvest iPhone app, v1.4, has been released. This version includes a bug fix for syncing expense receipts, and will also backup your receipt photos to your iPhone. You can find it in the App Store on your iPhone.


Today we’re announcing a significant update for our Free official Harvest iPhone app, version 1.3. You can find it in the App Store on your iPhone.

Improved Syncing Reliability

Version 1.3 brings improved reliability with the iPhone syncing to your online Harvest account. Being one of the first to bring offline syncing to time tracking, we’ve now made it even better. The previous code ran into a number of issues during sync, so we decided to overhaul the entire syncing engine. This overhaul includes the removal of 1000+ lines on code in favor of a brand new set of API calls for much more efficient and reliable syncing (these calls will soon be exposed to all API developers and integrations).

Tracking time and expenses on-the-go should be smoother than ever. As an added bonus, the new API calls now allow us to include conflict messages when a sync doesn’t work exactly as planned, so you know exactly what happened:

Other Features

Along with the reliability updates, this version also includes some new features and other improvements, including:

  • You can now create clients, projects, and tasks right from the app
  • A ‘Jump to Today’ button if you go to another day in Timesheets
  • A ‘Jump to this Week’ button if you go to another week in Expenses
  • Project Codes are now displayed
  • Increased font sizes on all inputs
  • Various bug fixes
  • New icon

Enjoy, and let us know how the Harvest iPhone app is helping your business. As always, let us know how we can make it even better.

The Harvest iPhone app allows iPhone users (with iOS 4) to track time and expenses on-the-go, with or without a network connection. You can start and stop task timers, add duration and notes, and upload expense receipts right from your iPhone. Learn more about iPhone Time Tracking.

Resources for Small Business – Guides, Templates, and More!

Since January of this year, we’ve curated and shared #workbetter articles via @harvest on twitter. The goal was to provide you with the very best advice for growing your business. We’re expanding on our lofty goal by sharing our own knowledge and tools geared towards helping you work better. You can find what we crafted over at the new Resources Section, or read on for a quick tour of the section.

Harvest Guides -We’ve started to distill down conversations we’ve had with team leaders, who use Harvest every workday. From these conversations we’ve assembled a series of Harvest Guides that cover how small business owners and project managers can get started with team time tracking, and how to get the most out of it. For example, our Time Tracking for Project Managers Guide will walk you through how to use reports in Harvest to better allocate time on future projects.

Free Templates – We love our in-app timesheets and invoices. They are impeccably designed and powerful. However, for your friends and like-minded strangers who are completely new to tracking time, or are looking for a basic invoice, we’ve created simple, editable versions of both. As an example, our Daily Timesheet template is ready to download and print, and is structured to help you keep track of your day in 15 minute increments. Track time this way for a few weeks, and you’ll have a much better picture of where your time is going. Our Invoice template also comes ready to be filled out, and looks professional. Most of the templates are already available in PDF or Google Docs. If you’re trying to hook your friends on the benefits of time tracking or automated invoicing, the free templates can be their gateway drug.

Webinar Series – Our Getting Started with Harvest Webinar Series covers the basics of Harvest’s core features including time tracking, invoicing, and reporting. The series has been popular, so we’re giving it a permanent home. You can learn more about the series, sign up, and share pre-recorded Webinar clips with your friends or colleagues to get them started with Harvest. Down the road, we’ll be expanding the Webinar Series to include integration tutorials and more.

As we continue adding to the new Resources section, we’d love to hear feedback from you. What else would you like to see? What are you reading or using right now to improve the way you work? If you’re using Harvest to work more effectively, we’d love to know your thoughts, let us know!

Sync Harvest Timesheets and Invoices with Quickbooks Online

Good news for Quickbooks Online and Harvest users! You can now sync Quickbooks Online with Harvest using Syncr. The connector will sync your timesheets, invoices, clients, people, and projects data between Harvest and your Quickbooks Online account.

Sync Harvest Timesheets Invoices with Quickbooks Online

If there are duplicate entries between Quickbooks and Harvest, you’ll be notified. You can even set the sync to occur at a given frequency (i.e daily, monthly).  The connector is built by a third-party company called Mutually Human and costs $99/month. Learn more at Syncr HQ.

Using Quickbooks for Windows? You can easily export timesheets from Harvest into Quickbooks for Windows from within your Harvest account. For more information visit our Help Center.

Improved Locked Timesheet Interaction

Harvest is known for its simple and intuitive timesheet interface. Underneath that simplicity is a layer of fairly complicated business logic. A time entry has several states, and can be locked for different reasons – for example, if a project has been archived, or the hours have been invoiced. Sometimes a locked timesheet needs to be edited, and it used to be a time consuming process to unlock the timesheet to make necessary changes.

Recently, we took a hard look at the underlying rules, and improved many use cases. The biggest interface update that you will notice is that now, administrators can edit locked time and expense entries without having to unlock them.

Administrators will notice that editing locked time and expenses now works just like editing unlocked entries – hover your mouse over a time or expense, and you’ll see the Edit and X buttons. Click Edit to fix discrepancies or mistakes on a locked timesheet, and maintain accuracy across your timesheets, reports, and invoices.

Additionally, we’ve simplified the explanations about locked time and expenses and unified these messages across views, creating a clean interface that helps you understand why your time is locked.

This update will help you make those small but necessary tweaks to your timesheet, and we hope you find it useful!

The New Detailed Time Report – Faster and More Precise

Last month, we revealed the new Harvest Time Report, and since then, we’ve continued working on updates to the other sections of Harvest Reports. Today, we’re launching the new Detailed Time Report. It’s faster and more precise, enabling you to easily create the exact reports you need. Take a look:

Find What You Need

We’ve added new input filters that make it so you can quickly choose what to include in your report. Simply start typing what you’re searching for and results will appear instantaneously. You can also select multiple items for the same category. Want to see a report for your two most tracked Tasks? This is now possible with the new filters.
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Harvest API: Your Data in Action

Recently Chris Wilson from Search Mojo has been writing to us with questions about the Harvest API. Through the pleasant conversations surrounding Chris’s questions, we learned that Search Mojo was using the API to create an inspiring dashboard. Here’s how Chris describes it:

We created a profitability dashboard to total up which of our clients we are profitable on based on hours, hourly rates and expenses over quarter and month ranges. We then created a score based on that. Your API tool supplied everything and it’s officially up and running on the tvs in the office.

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Keep Calm and Track Time

Recently Mike Hartwell of {e} house studio wrote into Harvest Support with an interesting dilemma:

It seems to be a constant struggle for me to remember to enter our hours into Harvest. Now, I’m sure that I could go into my google calendar and set a reminder for myself, but I’m sure I would just x it out. As more of a visual style learning person, I would love to be able to throw a nice size poster of your “time is money. track it wisely” graphic on the wall staring me in the face reminding me to enter my time into Harvest. So, I’m writing to find out if a poster like this exists, if so can I buy it, if not, can you suggest an alternative solution?

As a designer myself, I loved the idea, and so began a quick side project. What started as a simple printable design has now become a full blown Harvest poster available for purchase!

(Yep, this is a parody on the Keep Calm and Carry On poster)

If you think you a need a giant orange poster reminding you to track time, you can purchase one here. There is no markup on this poster – we are not profiting from it, just providing it at-cost to our community. We recommend not going any larger than the Large size (22.6″ x 32.0″). If you get one, be sure to share a pic in the comments!

If you would like to print the poster yourself, download a hi-res version here.

Introducing Android Time Tracker for Harvest

Mobile devices have come a long way since their heyday as a voice communication device. Beyond helping us connect with friends and family, the smartphone has become a powerful business tool in the palm of our hands.

After we released Harvest for iPhone last year, it came as no surprise that one of the most frequent requests from customers has been for us to create a mobile app for Android. We’ve been paying close attention to the adoption of Android amongst our users and late last year decided that having a great mobile companion for Android was simply too important to not address. We needed to provide the best and most convenient way for our users to access Harvest on the emerging smartphone platform.


With the release of the official Harvest Android time tracker app, Android users can now enjoy the same powerful features available to iPhone users: start and stop timers on the go, enter expenses, and snap photos of receipts to securely send them to your Harvest account.

Now whether the members on your team have iPhones or Android devices, everyone will have access to the important mobile-centric things they might need to do while on the go.

Mobile phones will continue to rapidly evolve in form and function even over the next few months. We are committed to bringing you the best experience with Harvest, especially as the times are a changin’.

Visit Android time tracker to learn more and download this companion app for free.

BONUS: Have a Windows Phone 7? Check out the soon-to-be-released 3rd party app, TimeTractor: Windows Phone 7 Time Tracker

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The New Harvest Time Report – Completely Redesigned and More Powerful

It’s arrived! Welcome to the brand new Harvest Time Report:

A redesign of the Time Report has been a long time coming. Reports need to effectively present the overwhelming amount of data your company enters every day, in a format that’s easy to analyze and understand. At its core, the Time Report is a decision-making tool. We want Harvest to help you make better decisions and the new version of Reports was designed with this in mind.

Here are a few of the enhancements in the new Time Report:

Easy to Scan

The new interface is designed to make it easy to understand the overall health of your business. We’ve added a summary panel at the top of the page that quickly shows you the big picture: total hours, billable percentage, billable amount, and uninvoiced amount. Details of this summary are displayed in a table organized by Clients, Projects, Tasks, and Staff. This layout will help you find what you need fast.


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New & Improved Reporting Coming Next Tuesday

Five years ago, we created Harvest with two goals: to take the pain (and ugly) out of time tracking, and to create a powerful report that’s easy to read by normal people like you and me. What we came up with was a deceptively simple and visual interface on top of layers of complex data. You can quickly glance at a report and find out what projects are consuming the most of your business’s time, and click one button to see distribution of billable hours.

Over the years, the reporting tool became more sophisticated with even more data: billable amount, budget, invoiced vs uninvoiced hours, etc. Frankly, the original interface structure is not holding up to the amount of data points Harvest supports today.

Late last year, we set out to improve Reports. We started with a customer survey, and thanks to your participation, we received a ton of amazing feedback. We sifted through your comments and boiled everything down to a few major goals, providing us with a solid direction as we began our overhaul of Reports. We’ve been working hard on this project since January, and have internally nicknamed the project “Reports 2.0.” Here’s a preview:


We’ve broken up the goals into different milestones, and the initial release of Reports 2.0 is coming Tuesday, March 8th. Here are some of the highlights that you can expect:

  1. Blazing fast report render – Our development team rebuilt the reporting engine from scratch, taking advantage of some of the cool, new things that came from Rails 3.
  2. A spanking new Staff report – This is one of the highest requested reports from the survey, and we added a few bells and whistles to make it easier to scan the report.
  3. Improved navigation and data layout – You’ll see a brief summary of important data points on top, and a clearer table structure makes it easier to digest numbers and details.

And there are many more improvements and surprises for you to uncover next week. Our design and development team have poured their hearts into this project and it’s a work of beauty. We can’t wait to share the fruits of our labor, and thank you all for your patience, support and feedback!