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Posts containing “new founders”:

New Founders Interview with Open Architecture Workshop

Scott Glazebrook founded his company, Open Architecture Workshop, with the goal of bringing the ethos of open source to the practice of architecture.  Scott believes that architecture can have an uplifting effect on the community, and he hopes to bring ‘craft’ back to architecture.  We are excited to have OAW as part of Harvest’s New Founders Program, and in the following interview Scott explains to us what he means by being ‘open’ in the practice of architecture, shares his visions on how cities across the States can evolve, and talks about their work for a performance and visual art organization in downtown San Diego.  We hope you enjoy the interview!

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New Founders Interview with Mavens Consulting

I’m sure all of us have had the experience of purchasing a piece of software and being frustrated at our inability to fully utilize the program. Our latest New Founder, Mavens Consulting, wants to provide that bridge between technology and business users.  They want to help businesses better utilize the software they purchase, make better business decisions and improve their efficiencies with technology.  In Mavens’ own words, they want to help even the odds for their customers, by giving them the advantage they would otherwise not have.  We’re excited to have them on board, and we had the opportunity to chat with the founder of Mavens Consulting, Prasad Kanumury, in the following interview.

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New Founders Interview with Round3Media

Our latest New Founders operate out of the historical city of Philadelphia (Pennsylvania, USA) and grew out of the coworking environment at IndyHall (founded by Alex Hillman and Geoff DiMasi).  Round3Media was founded by three partners – Alex Hillman, Ken Rossi, and Bart Mroz – who describe their new agency as “an experiment in scaling Indie culture into business process.” In the following interview with Round3Media, we chat about the Philly start-up scene, Round3’s future plans, and their current involvement with a venture called Seesmic.

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New Founders Interview with Giant Squid Industries

This month’s Harvest New Founder named themselves after the once-believed mythical creature, Giant Squid. But unlike the deep-ocean squid of tremendous size, this St. Paul Minnesota design studio is small and nimble. As you’ll find out from the following interview with the Squid’s founder, Reid Peifer, his studio has giant-size ambition and plans. In less than a year of existence, Giant Squid Industries have completed several online projects, made a few amazing silk-screen prints, created a couple of brands, and amidst it all, found time and given back to the community. We’re proud to have GSI as part of Harvest New Founders Program, and hope you enjoy the interview.

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New Founders Interview with Poppy Copy

The latest addition to the Harvest New Founders Program is Poppy Copy, a copywriting studio in Brighton. Relly Annett-Baker started her career as a writer for music media outlet, and later wrote for the web when she joined her husband’s web design company. Poppy Copy came into being last year (2007), and Relly now runs her own company on the top floor of her townhouse.

We’re excited to present New Founders Program’s very first copywriting studio. In the following interview, Relly gave a few tips for all of us small business owners, explained why time tracking (and Harvest) is important for copywriters (thank you, Douglas Adams), and we coaxed her into telling us the secret behind the environmentally concerned bee.

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New Founders Interview with Core Industries

This month Harvest New Founders Program brings you Core Industries, an interactive marketing company with an environmental focus. Coming from years of experience working with an impressive roster of clientele, founder Corey Szopinski started Core Industries to help environmentally responsible businesses strengthen their marketing designs and concepts.

In this interview, Corey tells us about why he thinks bringing a green business model to clients is important. He gives us a glimpse into a current project, one where a renown automaker is working on an environmentally responsible campaign while Core Industries is helping build the tools to do so. Corey also walks us through the office, showing us how a typical project at Core Industries is run and managed, shares some of their tools of the trade, and chats with us about the exciting opportunities up ahead for the company.

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New Founders Interview with Sound Spank

This month, Harvest chats with Stephen Hodde of SoundSpank, whose work
is at the forefront of interactive online sound design. With a background in music production, Stephen combines his skills and experience with the latest technology to create entire emotional experiences through his audio creations. The span of his work includes
sound and music design for commercial and movie sites, including the
spectral-sounding suite of effects for 30 Days of Night by Big Spaceship, a Sony Pictures production.

In this interview, Stephen tells us about how the sound and the music
come together, how he keeps track of the business side of things, and
what else SoundSpank has in store.

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New Founders Interview with Appendant Marketing

Our newest addition to the Harvest New Founders Program is Appendant
Marketing Group
, a burgeoning recruitment advertising business founded
by Mark Anderson and Brandon Corbin that puts a creative spin on the
traditional process of marketing and recruiting. Through Appendant’s
RecruitCards and Recruitals, personalized calls-to-action bring
qualifited candidates right to the forefront, saving businesses hours
of invaluable time spent posting job listings and wading through piles
of resumes.

Appendant’s Director of Operations, Angie Clowers, took some time to
chat with us about their everyday operations, from client interaction
to how their designs come about, and shares a big marketing tip that
has been at the core of Appendant’s growth and success.

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New Founders Interview with Buffalo

Our August 2007 New Founder, Buffalo, is a web design and development studio from Southampton, UK. The young and creative company consists of three core members: Dan Griffiths, Jason Reynolds, and Nick Stacey, who, prior to starting the company, have worked in the web industry and have collectedly served clients ranging from Miller to Channel 4. Buffalo was founded with one goal – “to produce beautiful products that leave an impact on the user.” From what we’ve seen in their online portfolio, they’re certainly keeping true to their mission.

We caught up with Dan Griffiths and chatted about their unusual name, the self-commissioned project ‘Go Designate!’, and some recent, memorable things they have consumed.

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New Founders Interview with EDM Studio

Our latest installment of the New Founders Program puts the spotlight on EDM Studio, a Canadian design firm that creates cutting-edge content and software systems for museum-class installations. Their studio is a cross-disciplinary partnership between brothers Andrew and Darran Edmundson, melding architecture and 3D content design to produce an array of interactive science exhibits and projects.

Darran takes us inside EDM, to see what goes on when the brothers combine their ideas and expertise, how they manage their global network of subcontractors, and what they do to keep their business running smoothly.

“Nutrients for Life” a game at the Calgary Stampede where kids work together to farm a virtual crop, using EDM’ novel augmented reality interface.

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