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Introducing the New Invoices Overview

Two weeks ago we gave you the heads up about a new Invoices Overview. Today, we’ll start releasing that Overview—you’ll see it in your account soon!

For this first phase of our update, we had one primary goal: offer ways to more easily access the invoices you need, all in one place. You’ll notice an improved the design, but more importantly, we’ve added ways to search by ID, filter by client and timeframe, and manage your invoices without ever having to leave Overview. Get acquainted with the new view with this quick and handy intro:

First, you’ll notice that Overview’s design has been refreshed. In addition to being easier to scan, the new design is now home to two tabs: Open and All Invoices. We think of the Open tab as your invoice inbox. It’s a quick stop to view all your most important invoices, the ones that need action to get paid.


What if you want to see all invoices, or invoices for a specific client or timeframe? Hop over to the new All Invoices tab. This is where you’ll find the new client filter, so you can see just the invoices for a specific client.


Interested in how much a client owes or paid you? Use the status filter in the top left of the All tab to view just open, closed, late, sent, or draft invoices. And if you need to see invoices issued during a certain timeframe—like this fiscal year—just use the new timeframe filter to get just what you need.


Finally, we also added the ability to search by invoice ID. Let’s say a client’s emailing you about a specific invoice, or you just received a payment you need to record. Head over to search, type in the ID, click, and you’ll be brought straight to the invoice page for fast access.


We hope these improvements make it easier and faster for you to track down the invoices you need! Over the next few weeks, we’ll be releasing a few other features as well, like handy visualizations so you can better understand your income at a glance. Stay tuned!

If you have any feedback, let us know in the comments. Or, write to us at—you’ll be in touch directly with the team working on this change, so questions or feedback are always welcome there!

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  • It would be great to finally see harvest invoice and estimates without VAT easier. We don’t see VAT as an income, just something that passes through – so we are not very interested in the actual invoice total, but our earnings. So a quick switch (show with vat or without vat) would be very nice!
    Like in the “Payment Received Last Month” in the Dashboard is a should be switched out with “Earned Last month” – which is much more useful information.
    In the video the voice over says “how much we earned from this client”, which is not correct because vat is not earnings in countries that uses VAT.

  • Steve Gosling on September 1, 2015

    +1 for Christian’s comment. Our analysis of figures does not include VAT.

  • Calina Madden on September 1, 2015

    Christian, Steve, thanks for the comments here. I see where you’re coming from—including tax in that total isn’t always ideal. I’ll make note of your feedback for the team, and we’ll keep it in mind as we work on improvements!

  • Also agree with Christian. Nice work Harvest dev team!

  • Great news! Love the ability to search by customer or date. Will make life so much easier.

  • This is a very beautiful refresh of the existing Invoices Overview. I like the added search and filtering functionality.

    Is there any way to get the “Invoice Summary” information that’s currently on the Dashboard added to the Invoices Overview? Having a glance at overall billings & payments for the year/month is key to keeping Harvest convenient for me. Since Dashboard is going away, it would be great if you could keep this information somewhere.

    One more question, do you ever survey your current users before making major changes to Harvest?

  • Looks great, but I still can’t see it live yet?

  • Calina Madden on September 2, 2015

    Thanks for the love, Mark and Brian!

    And thanks to you too, Liz! We’ve got some plans to add some summary data to the Overview—that’s the next step, so stay tuned! And yep, we do surveys pretty frequently. If you ever have thoughts you want to send our way, though, no need to wait for a survey! Just send it to

    Nick, we’re doing a gradual roll-out, but I just turned on the new Overview for your account. You should see it now!

  • Please turn it on to me as well!

  • Calina Madden on September 2, 2015

    Ribeiro, done! You should see the new section now as well.

  • I agree with Brian. All the filters and sort features are great & much welcome additions. Thank you Harvest team, nice work!

  • Wannes Van Loock on September 3, 2015

    I want to be able to search the content the invoices, also for recurring invoices !

  • Agree with Christian, also drop the VAT in the mails to clients..

  • I completely agree with Christian: VAT is not an income. I have been asking Harvest team for this feature for a long, long time.

  • Great update, Team Harvest! A feature we often wish we had is the ability to separate out total amount due by Draft vs. Sent on the main invoices page. But other than that, great job!

  • Thank you Team Harvest! Great work as always. This is a massive improvement to the invoices view.

  • Thanks for the update! I like being able to filter quickly by status and client.

    I can’t seem to get to the “Written Off” invoices in the filter though. I need to see those as a group, not just per client etc) and we used to have that option on the filter. Can you please add that back in status filters?

    And +1 to the request for full text search of invoices. That would be incredibly helpful.

  • How do you find “recently closed” invoices? If someone has paid an invoice 60 days late, it’s just suddenly buried in all your paid invoices instead of being at the top of the recently closed — which the old layout had.

  • It looks great. Well done!
    I particularly love the sorting by date :)

    My only negative is that you have removed the short cuts from the menu items.
    It now takes :
    3 clicks to get to Draft Invoices
    3 clicks to get to Sent Invoices
    3 clicks to get to Late Invoices

    Given how many time these specific areas are clicked on (on a weekly basis). Please can you add these shortcuts to the menu bar again?!

    Thanks again – it is really great

  • One more request for the future :)

    It would be great if you could add a feature for recurring invoices where you can set it up for a certain number of invoice
    e.g. recurring every month FOR 6 months
    recurring every quarter FOR 4 quarters etc

  • I agree with Carolyn. I use the sent, drafts and late shortcut all the time and now it is gone? I haven’t had the time to figure out where to find it? Please will you put this back up again?

  • Great job Harvest team! I really needed the ability to filter invoices by client and time period, so this is great for my business. Just in time too, as I was really feeling the need for this feature.

    Also, I want to +1 Carolyn’s feature request to set up recurring invoices for a set number of times, i.e. recurring every month for 6 months.


  • Calina Madden on September 3, 2015

    Eva, Dave, thanks for the kind words—wonderful to hear!

    Bonita, to filter your invoices now, you can head to the All tab and use the Status filter in the top left. We’ll also keep your suggestion in mind for the future!

    Brandon, we’re sending you an email with more info and a question or two. Let us know if you don’t get that soon!

    And thanks for the input and ideas, everyone! The Invoices Overview team is keeping a careful eye on these comments, so we’ve got your ideas on hand as we continue to improve the section.

  • This is great, however I’d absolutely love to see some true new functionality around invoice generation. One feature I long for is an invoice ‘batch’ function. This would be a huge timesaver and I’m surprised that it isn’t in the product. I’d like to be able to create group(s) of clients and select invoice presets and have them all generate, versus clicking multiple (x * client) times to create each invoice, each month. These groups and batch presets should be able to be saved and reused in subsequent months.

    Thank you!

    Jim Stewart

  • Would be nice to see the same overview for estimates. This overview is currently not very user-friendly.

  • Would be great if there were a way to mark multiple invoices paid at the same time without having to go into each invoice to mark it paid. i.e., but just scrolling down the open invoice list and marking invoices paid.

  • Here too +1 for Christian’s comment on VAT
    Nice work guys – continuous improvement at its best!

  • Thanks!

    I’d also love to have a stronger search engine, not just ID, but clients (a must), task, specific amounts, etc.

  • Nice work people – 2 thumbs up!
    +1 on the VAT comment :)

  • New invoices is great – thanks so much!

    My one improvement suggestion as follows:
    I would like to be able to define different terms by client (eg 14 days from date of invoice, or 30 days from date of invoice). This way, the due date on the invoice will be automatically populated by the agreed terms you have with each client, and you wouldn’t have to manually adjust the due date.

  • I am wondering that nobody asks for a filtering by project. Each of our few clients has tons and tons of projects and to get a quick overview where his individual projects stand is key for us. Please add this feature without going through the export to Excel brouhaha. A million thanks in advance.

  • Great job! But as I think I read somebody else say, this is just sugar. In all those years… hope some true new functionality will be added anytime soon. Top of my head example is customize looks of the invoice (been on the wishlist for 6 years now I think).

    I know there have been things added here and there. But for me the only true new part is Forecast, which is a seperate (paid) product :)

  • Michael Van Geertruy on September 8, 2015

    It would be great to have the option to select multiple invoices and download that selection with one button. I need to do this every month, in order to send our outgoing invoices to our accountant. The way it is configured now, i have to open each seperate invoice, click on the pdf button, and then save that pdf. So that’s 3 steps per invoice.
    This costs me so much time, so i can’t understand how come this fairly standard feature is not available…

  • +1 Jim’s request re: batch function.

    We also send invoices once a month and it’s tedious to have to do it manually every single time. I second the importance of having preferences remembered on a per-client basis for invoices. Currently, my business manager has a PDF checklist she uses to reference to ensure that the preferences are correct for every client before she sends them out, but that is obviously less than ideal.

    Otherwise, loving the new invoices UI! Love the ability to instantly filter, and brings the invoices section on par with the rest of the new Harvest :)

  • +1 for batch downloading selected invoices as one big PDF

    Also I’d like to see multiple languages. Now you can translate the strings in any language you like. But all invoices will use said strings. It would be nice to have multiple sets of translated strings defined and be able to config them per client (or per invoice)

  • Hi,

    there are a couple of more important things from my perspective.

    1) I would find it useful to have in addition to Service/Expenses a third option of Notes as sometime I need to put a note line between actual invoice detail lines rather than notes at the bottom.
    2) We often invoice all at the end of the month, it would be great once you have send an invoice to have a button to go straight away and create a new invoice rather than a two step process.
    3) We often have to do things in cross currency, ie we may bill in AUD but agreements are in USD, so it would be create to have a currency conversion rate and an ability to select which line items it is to be applied to (like GST/VAT).

    Whilst the reporting look and feel is nice, I think that more effort could be made (as others have stated) in relation to the actual invoice creation and usability process.


  • Hi Harvest,

    I think it would be a great addition to the invoice overview if there would be some kind of small icon or other visualisation to see for which invoices the reminders are set up. Now you always have to click to a specific invoice to see this. It would be a great improvement to our cashflow because we won’t miss any reminders being set up anymore.

    I’m curious how you and other users think about this.

  • I have some clients with multiple jobs. Now the Harvest has the invoices filter by client, how about a filter by jobs within that client.
    That is the major problem that i have with Harvest.

  • I appreciate all the work you folks do to improve Harvest. The frustration I have with the new structure is it’s much harder to see when (date) an invoice is paid. For instance, if I want to see the last five invoices that were paid, I can really only order the invoices by when they were issued and then use the “paid in” details to figure out which invoices were paid most recently. I realize I can run a report, but it was easier to get that information quickly from the old overview set up. I used that info to keep on top of my thank-you notes, a feature I love.

  • I have a small request that would make my life a whole lot simpler … I’m sure its a quick fix.

    Please can you add a ” + NEW PROJECT ” button or link to the Timesheets page. A simple button under the NEW ENTRY would be super helpful. It will save me clicking on PROJECTS first then going to + NEW PROJECTS.

    I know it does not sound like a major thing, but I would put a smile on my face.

    Thanks guys for an otherwise awesome product! Has definitely saved me on many hours that I have forgotten or missed billing on.

  • +1 for Christian’s comment!

  • Calina Madden on September 15, 2015

    Thanks for sharing your ideas, everyone! Our Invoices Overview team is keeping an eye on this comments section, so we can stay up to date on your thoughts. We can’t make any promises, but we appreciate all the detailed feedback, and will keep it in mind as we continue to work on the Overview!

  • What happened to Export to Excel feature? Is it somewhere hidden or completely abandoned? I rely heavily on exports to Excel and not PDF. I might just discontinue my business with Harvest because of this.

  • Calina Madden on September 15, 2015

    Don’t worry, Tim, exporting is still there. Just head to Invoices > Report. Click the New Report button to pull the report you need. You’ll be able to export with the Export buttons in the top left, just like you’ve always been able to.

  • Looks great, but I would love a feature on the browser on the send invoices page to manually insert an email address, so for one-off clients I can just write it in without adding them to contacts (this feature works on the mobile app currently).

  • Please can we have a feature that either allows us to mark invoices as paid in a batch or syncs to our accounting system and takes the paid status from there. I have a list as long as my arm of “outstanding” invoices

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